Delivering Outstanding Customer Service with Flexible Technology Integration

The volume of inquiries a company receives on any given day can be quite overwhelming, especially if the company is not able to handle the volume of incoming requests. In order to properly care for customers and meet their needs, it is essential to have a dedicated support team, including tech support, to handle all inquiries in a timely manner. Many companies do not have the budget or bandwidth to hire a dedicated support team in-house so they turn to outsourcing customer service to those with extensive experience in the industry.

When a customer contacts a business with an inquiry, whether to gather information or to solve a problem, they are expecting a certain level of service. Especially with larger, or more established companies, the expectations can be even higher. Global Response understands the importance of providing exceptional customer service, especially tech support,  that adheres to our clients wishes with each interaction. We are also aware that each client follows a unique set of business processes that work best for them. For these reasons, we offer flexible technology integration for each of our clients in order to deliver outstanding customer service.

Clients that work with Global Response will see that a high level of customer care is achieved due to several key factors. The first is the brand immersion process that all of our brand specialists must undergo when being paired with a client. The second is the flexible technology integration we are able to offer our clients. The systems and procedures that we adhere to at Global Response ensure that we can offer a variety of options for our clients, and all of the systems and procedures can be streamlined and made extremely efficient and effective.

Brand Immersion

At the core of our business is our goal to consistently exceed customer expectations. This is possible, in large part, by immersing ourselves in the brands we represent each and every day. All of our Brand Specialists must complete a thorough training program for the company that they will be representing. It is essential that each specialist is fully immersed in the brand experience, and acts as an extension of the company. The process is so thorough, that customers are not able to distinguish between an in-house employee of the brand, and one of Global Reponse’s brand specialists.

We make sure that we are constantly investing in our specialists to help them advance and succeed. Continued training and skills development are offered on an ongoing basis, and brand specialists are encouraged to challenge themselves whenever possible. This combination helps to promote better customer interactions, and a higher level of service.

Technology Integration

Global Response works to customize solutions for every client to ensure the technology integration we offer meets their specific needs, and mirrors any systems already in place. We work to adapt to the systems and requirements of each of our clients, not adapt their processes to ours. This can be done for all types of customer support, including tech support options as well. Global Response offers clients CRM Integration, Salesforce Integration, and Zendesk Integration among dozens of others. By working with us, clients have access to the newest technologies without an additional investment, or having to learn any new technology.

Our specialists handle the technology integration process so that our clients do not have to worry about a thing. Once a company integration is established, the process is automated and virtually maintenance-free from a client standpoint. Our clients also have the benefit of being able to access reports containing real-time information on marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. We understand that customers want their questions answered quickly and efficiently, and the technology we offer and the systems we employ offer elements of both automation and human interaction to personalize the experience and exceed expectations.

Each client comes to Global Response with a unique set of business processes. Our goal is to offer flexibility and options that easily integrate with their existing systems, ultimately operating similarly to an in-house support team. Our brand specialists work hard each day to fully immerse themselves in the company culture of the brand they are representing, and deliver outstanding customer service at every interaction. All of this together ensures that our clients have peace of mind knowing their customers are well taken care of.