Personalize Your Brand via Social Media Support For Monitoring

The 4th tip in our Best Practices series on social media monitoring is to personalize responses to customers for better technical support.

While you should compile a set of pre-written replies, personalizing them will have much more impact than a generic reply.

Tip 4, which follows, was preceded yesterday by Tip 3, in our blog, on creating processes.

Tip 4: Provide personalized responses for social media support and monitoring

  • Create a series of pre-written replies to post publicly or privately to help streamline the process and create consistency. Write these carefully because:
      • The customer interprets written words without tone.
      • Thousands of people can potentially see your replies.
  • Personalize pre-written responses on a case-by-case basis to be specific to that customer’s needs. A response that feels automated will be counter-productive. Add a human touch by:
    • Using a customer’s name if it’s clear from their profile, such as “Hello Donna.”
    • Ensuring the replies are positive in tone.
    • Showing empathy and apologizing when necessary.
    • Closing replies with the Brand Specialist’s name or initials, rather than a company name.

Gain success with social media support by personalizing your brand’s response

Social Media customer care can be complex, but is necessary.

About 47 percent of consumers ages 18-34 have complained on social media about a brand’s customer service, according to Microsoft.

That compares to 29 percent across all age groups and 12 percent of consumers ages 55 plus.

With a structured approach and a focus on key brand elements, organizations can establish a comprehensive channel strategy and consistently deliver an exceptional experience to their loyal customers.

See Friday’s blog for Tip 5: Why Social Media CRM monitoring draws huge impacts to brand improvement

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