Call Center Quality Assurance That Works

Call Center Quality Assurance: Accountability and Transparency

Our contact center Quality Assurance program upholds the standards you set for your brand.

The Global Response call center quality assurance program is meticulously aligned with your brand’s standards. We measure, develop and maintain Brand Specialist performance that meets or exceeds your ideal customer experience.

Global Response offers top call center QA services that uphold brand standards and provide transparency to interactions with your customers.

Relationships are our passion, and strong relationships are built on trust. Quality Assurance best practices lay the foundation for that trust.

Standardized Practices, Customized QA Programs

The Global Response team manages dozens of custom quality assurance programs across our customer base. While each of our clients has a distinct set of performance goals for their brand, Global Response leverages decades of experience to provide the best practices for an unbiased and statistically significant audit program. We work side-by-side with each client to develop their call center quality assurance program and create a tailored observation form and scorecard that is aligned with their ideal experience.

Global Response provides access to live and recorded calls or text-based contacts for transparency and calibration. Your involvement in the process is highly encouraged.

Voice of the Customer

We are the eyes and the ears of our clients, and vigilantly convey front line concerns to them via voice of the customer reporting.

Our call center quality assurance helps us point to areas of opportunity and paths to improve the brand experience. Through a combination of disposition analysis, escalation queue interrogation and QA reporting, your Global Response team will give you actionable insight into what your customers want. Our Brand Specialists often identify opportunities in real-time!

External and Third-Party Audits

Global Response stands by our proven record award-winning customer experiences. In addition to our internal quality assurance programs, we are proud to offer access to external auditing from partners such as Stella Connect. When engaging these partners, you will receive a third-party review of your customers’ interactions and the performance of your Brand Specialists. Global Response walks the walk when it comes to full transparency and accountability.

Defining and Exceeding Expectations

Every brand has a unique point-of-view regarding customer satisfaction and policy adherence. In other words, each brand knows when to surprise and delight versus when to stand by policies. Global Response will partner with you to create detailed definitions of baseline and stellar experiences. A contact monitoring and quality assurance program will be developed by aligning the brand’s customer experience expectations weighted with its financial goals.

A Quality Manager audits, scores and coaches each Brand Specialist weekly with the form as their checklist. In addition to that coaching, teams conduct group huddles and on-going training sessions based around performance trends revealed by the quality assurance process.

Calibrating Quality

Our quality assurance programs are transparent to our clients. We meet weekly – or at their preferred frequency – to share the results of contact center monitoring. This ensures we are in line with our clients’ scoring expectations. Contacts can be shared in advance or reviewed together in calibration sessions attended by both Global Response and the client.

Clients are always able to monitor Brand Specialist phone calls, emails and chats. Clients can review along with their Global Response team or alone, and as often as they wish. The process ensures our team and each client are aligned on performance expectations and SLAs.