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Tip 5: Reinforce Recognition & Build the Right Business Culture

Our Best Practices blog on Building the Right Business Culture comes to an end today with Tip 5: Reinforce Recognition, which follows. On Thursday, Tip 4 focused on Broadcasting Opportunities.

Tip 5: Reinforce Recognition

  • Celebrations bring recognition to associates and build team spirit. Celebrations can include for:
    • Birthdays and work anniversaries.
    • Performance and achievements, such as surpassing goals or successfully completing a project.
  • Include Kudos Programs to provide feedback to business owners for exceptional performance. Inform high-level executives about standout Brand Specialists to provide welcomed recognition for excellent performance.
  • Take the time to recognize milestones for tenure. Selecting milestones for special recognition can reward Brand Specialists for achieving tenure and creates goals they can strive for. For instance, show appreciation for associates at 5-, 10- and 20-year work anniversaries with tangible rewards.
  • Recognize the achievement of associates who graduate training as Brand Specialists. It is a notable accomplishment.

The benefit of retaining good Brand Specialists by creating engaged associates goes beyond recruitment savings.

When engaged customers connect with engaged associates, companies experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes, according to Gallup.

The practice of supporting Brand Specialist growth; celebrating their development in becoming competent, capable and confident; and providing opportunities to groom them for future positions with more responsibility requires investment. All of these components in the underlying culture create the benefit of tenure, provide appreciation for a job well done and contribute to building the right business culture in the contact center.

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