Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services for the Omnichannel Customer

When engineering a branded customer experience, intelligent self-service options are a strategic part of the overall customer journey. We provide robust interactive voice response (IVR) solutions aligned with your business goals and brand vision.


Global Response provides interactive voice response (IVR) services such as order status, tracking, store locator, appointment and event confirmation, and any number of self-service applications as a convenient and economic alternative that will free up your team of Brand Specialists for more complex inquiries.

IVR services can help you take the pulse of your customers. Configure post-call IVR surveys to help you discover the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) and First Call Resolution (FCR).

Beyond traditional interactive voice response technology solutions, such as call routing, IVR integration with your CRM data helps you connect with your customers in a contextual, multi-dimensional way.

Precision routing – Map and match Brand Specialists’ collection of attributes to customers’ specific needs, for seamless and individualized assistance. Our interactive voice response solutions provide precision routing that can be employed for sales, technical support and loyalty programs.

Near-real-time callback – Cut customer wait time with another IVR solution – skills-based callback. Use intelligent routing to identify the best available Brand Specialist for each callback, answering your customer’s inquiry in the best way possible.

Building the right IVR services strategy is key to reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience by improving average hold time and talk time, increasing the percentage of first call resolution and measuring your customer’s satisfaction.



Intelligent Interactive Voice Response that delivers a consistent, branded customer experience