Point 4: Prioritize the 5-Point Road Map to Tech Support Ticket Systems

Global Response’s Best Practice blog this week explores tech-support ticketing systems in the contact center.

Yesterday, Point 3 discussed how ticketing systems support cross-channel communication.

Prioritizing and explaining the use in assigning the importance of activities.

Point 4: How to learn prioritize your tech support ticket systems

Ticketing systems allow management and technical teams to determine what should be prioritized and the sequence of activities.

  • Customers are looking for the informed resolution, especially when they are experiencing a technical issue for a paid service.
  • Prioritizing tickets to allow for greater visibility of the process for the Brand Specialist and quicker resolution for customers.
  • Tickets can be tagged with information that enables mass communication to be sent to affected customers.
  • The ticketing system easily allows the workload to be distributed based on individual skillsets of the contact center team.

Why prioritizing tech support ticket systems helps businesses succeed

The ticketing system is an important tool for the organization, analysis and prioritization of issues.

The contact center benefits by having an efficient process for documenting, retrieving and escalating interactions with customers.

Remember, 82% of consumers say the No. 1 factor that leads to a great customer experience is having their issues resolved quickly, according to ICMI.

Having the right ticketing system that connects your customers to an openly communicated resolution path is the best way to support your technology business.

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