Technology and Software Used at Global Response

When it comes to the success of a call center, one of the key pillars of measurement is the technology and software that are used on a daily basis. The systems and processes that a call center relies on are not only important for its success but also the success of each and every one of its clients. That is why the technology and software used at Global Response has been rigorously tested and vetted, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.

While there are many individual software platforms that are used at Global Response, each of them adheres to three important keystone principles guaranteed to enhance the client experience.

  1. Data Monitoring and Reporting
    This is something that is taken very seriously, as the data collected gives great insight into the customer service process. Global Response was one of the first contact centers to offer real-time data reporting through a secure web portal to its clients. Data monitoring and reporting greatly benefit a brand by not only highlighting what is working but also what isn’t. Because of this, necessary adjustments can be made quickly to improve the overall customer experience. Regular monitoring is essential in the growth of any business, as it constantly gives great insight into what a company’s next steps should be.

  2. System Integration
    Global Response works to customize solutions for every client to ensure the integration meets their specific needs and mirrors any systems already in place. Once a company integration is established, the process is automated and virtually maintenance-free from a client standpoint. The integrated systems Global Response uses show accurate, real-time information on marketing, sales, and customer service. We work to adapt to your systems and requirements, instead of the other way around. Global Response offers clients CRM Integration, Salesforce Integration, and Zendesk Integration among others, without any additional effort from clients.

  3. Sought After Services
    Both online chat and social media monitoring have become increasingly popular and beneficial over the last several years. With online chat, customer issues resolved quicker than ever before, and often, clients experience increased sales, greater ROI and AOV, higher conversion rates, and less shopping cart abandonment. Global Response provides clients 24/7 live chat support, ensuring that customers can have their questions answered at any time of the day or night, in real-time. We provide a conversational platform and create a personalized experience with each inquiry.

    Especially in more recent years, the use of social media is rapidly increasing. A vast majority of customers not only admit to contacting a brand via a social media platform but have engaged a brand’s social media specifically for customer service needs. Social media platforms are a vital communication channel that requires special attention to detail. When done right, these platforms can be used as a two-way communication channel between a brand and its customers. Increase brand awareness and loyalty.

In addition to the more obvious technical support and handling incoming customer inquiries, Global Response is also able to aid in generating leads for potential customers. This is through experience in both list generation & verification, as well as appointment setting. In these instances, Global Response acts as a sales team for your brand, helping to potentially re-engage customers, generate new lists that match any set of given parameters, and set appointments on behalf of our clients.

By using data monitoring, seamless system integration, and focusing on the most sought after services, Global Response is able to help clients in a multitude of ways. In addition to the effective technology and software used at Global Response, the customer experience is always at the forefront. The key to enhancing the client experience is to focus on the person, and not the problem. The systems in place, along with this mentality are the key to a successful partnership with each of our clients.

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