CRM Integration

Today, managing customer relationships is complex. Customers reach you through multiple channels and even try multiple contact methods like phone, social media, and chat within a very short window of time. This can overwhelm your customer contact center personnel with costly and inefficient overlap work.

The CRM presents all relevant data on a single customer to the Brand Specialist. Everything from shipping status to call logs to order status to customer preferences is all found in one place. If a customer has made multiple contact attempts, even within a short time, the current Brand Specialist working with the customer has everything they need in real-time to provide exceptional, personalized service.

How else could CRM integration improve your workflow, cut costs, and delight customers? Let’s take a look!

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CRM integration brings all touchpoints together to personalize the customer experience and deliver more targeted and effective customer service.

Integrating All Relevant Technology

A CRM doesn’t just manage customer contact logs. It helps you create a more complete profile of who your customers are. Customers may interact with you on multiple social media sites, many devices, search ads, email campaigns and more. Each of these touchpoints provides you with more information about who this customer is. But if you don’t have a single CRM unifying this information, you have an incomplete picture, and your understanding of buying habits and motivations will be scattered and not actionable.

CRM integration into your existing technology brings all touchpoints together to create that complete profile with which you can personalize the customer experience and deliver more targeted and effective customer service to that customer. Shorten your sales cycle. Increase customer lifetime value. CRM integration helps you do it all.

Global Response’s team of Technology Integration and Brand Specialists understand how to help you integrate your technology to provide this kind of consistent, tailored customer experience.

Native integrations are done in-house and built into your CRM software to allow easy integration with a variety of  software and platforms. Third-party integrations are available to connect your CRM to an even wider variety of business software. An application programming interface (API) connects your CRM and programs and allows them to communicate with each other.

Benefits of CRM Integration

What are the tangible benefits of CRM Integration?

Better Client Relationships

The more you know, and remember, about clients or customers, the more they know you care. This enables you to forge a much stronger connection and a deeper relationship with your clients. Does brand loyalty still exist? It does when you understand how to build these relationships. A CRM helps you do that.

Cost Savings

Client services representatives are able to efficiently resolve clients’ concerns, increasing first contact resolution. Sales team members can leverage Salesforce Cloud tools to streamline operations. All customers are in a centralized database, eliminating duplicate work and saving time and money. 


CRM integration improves efficiency in serving clients like nothing else can. he more you know about clients, the better able you are to serve them.

Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Increasingly, this is the kind of unified experience that customers expect from your business. Gone are the days when customers settled for being transferred around and having to explain what they need over and over. CRMs reduce customer effort.

The kind of stellar experience you can deliver with CRM integration will generate the kinds of customers who share their great experiences on Facebook and write you those 5-star reviews you need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Competitive Advantage

Integrating a CRM and building a full view of customer data can be a complex process.

Global Response is your competitive advantage. We can help you complete CRM integration quickly and effectively. Our Brand Specialists are trained to make the most of CRM data to delight customers across channels.

If you’re looking for the best way to differentiate your customer experience, partnering with Global Response to outsource your customer experience and integrate your CRM is the first step. Your brand is our passion. Let’s talk about your business needs!

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