Gladly CRM Integration

Global Response believes in legendary customer service. Through the Gladly CRM platform, we address some of the many challenges facing the modern brand.

Let’s explore just a few of the ways integrating Gladly as your customer relationship management system can help you deliver legendary omnichannel experiences.


Transform how you manage customer contact for the better through Gladly integration.

Integrated Customer Profiles

Gladly CRM helps you bring all of your customer data together so that you can create more holistic customer profiles. A single customer may visit you on multiple devices and in a physical store. They may contact you through Facebook, online chat, email, phone call or SMS text. They may reach your website through various channels like web ads or and referrals.

Something as simple as a complete communications history across all channels can make a huge difference in how a customer experiences your brand.

In some CRM systems, each of these touchpoints are isolated. You’re not seeing the whole picture of the customer experience. Gladly helps you bring all of this data under one roof so that you understand who your customers are and receive a consistent, omnichannel experience.

Global Response has Brand Specialists that are specifically trained on how to leverage customer history to deliver memorable customer experiences.

More Personalized Experience

More complete profiles also allow you to create more personalized experiences that build brand loyalty and customer lifetime value (LTV).

When data is piecemeal, it’s harder to see the whole picture. You don’t really know who your customers are. But when you bring it all together, true personalization is possible.

Liveboards Show Real-Time Data

Get the data you need in real-time to take action now. Through Gladly, monitor wait time, hold time, handle time, number of active agents and more in real-time. Contact center supervisors immediately become aware of bottlenecks and escalations so they can take action to keep the customer experience running smoothly.

More Consistent Customer Experience

When you have a complete customer profile across channels, you can deliver a more consistent and personalized experience. That consistency adds up to “brownie points” for your organization as it fills a customer’s trust and loyalty meter. They know that they will get the same consistent experience from you regardless of the channel they take. And if they recommend you to a friend, they also know that that friend will get the same consistent experience, and that means something.

Working with an outsourced call center partner like Global Response helps you deliver this kind of consistent experience. We have the tools, people, and infrastructure in place to deliver on the consistency promise.

Intelligent Routing Options

Gladly integration helps you more efficiently manage your CRM technology and workforce management. A great example of this is intelligent routing. When one communication channel has high wait times or is understaffed, intelligent routing can redirect customers to where they’ll get the fastest assistance or give them alternatives to waiting.

On top of that, Gladly’s machine learning features learn your customer contact patterns to predict staffing needs and more effectively staff each channel, increasing efficiency while reducing idle time and wait time.

Global Response can utilize its call center expertise to help you design and staff an intelligent routing system that’s always there for your customers no matter which channel they choose.

Gladly CRM Integration

Global Response has the talent, expertise, and infrastructure in place to transform how you manage customer contact for the better through Gladly integration. We can help you build out your CRM to deliver the consistent and personalized experience that customers today expect. Our Brand Specialists know how to delight your customers and keep them coming back. Let’s talk about your business needs. Contact us today!

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