Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

65% of sales for the average company come from repeat customers. Increasing customer retention by a mere 2% can cut costs by 10%.

Fully integrating Salesforce into your systems helps eliminate breakdowns in communication. It enables you to delight customers across channels from sales to marketing to customer care.

Technical Support

Global Response helps you get the most out of Salesforce to achieve your customer acquisition and retention goals.

What Is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce is an industry-leading cloud-based solution that helps you more effectively manage your customer relationships. This multifaceted system includes fully-integratable tools for:

  • E-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support

It enables the collection and analyzing of data from multiple touchpoints, management of customer contact by multiple vertical and horizontal teams, and it keeps your entire organization on the same page. Salesforce not only breaks down silos within an organization; it can bring together distinct organizations. When you employ Salesforce integration to outsource sales or customer care, Salesforce allows each team to effortlessly manage customer relationships as one unified team.

Integrating Salesforce into your customer management system requires significant set-up, transfer of information and training, but the good news is that contact centers like Global Response are already experienced with Salesforce Service Cloud and can help you seamlessly integrate it into your current systems or expand your capabilities through Salesforce without the additional costs associated with hiring, onboarding and retraining staff.

Integrating Salesforce into Your Customer Relationship Management Systems

Do you have technology on which you’ve already trained your team? You may not have to scrap the technology, but Salesforce integration may be able to enhance your current capabilities. Many industry-leading third party programs can fully integrate with Salesforce. Some of these include:

  • Hubspot
  • Zendesk
  • Microsoft Outlook and Sharepoint
  • Gmail
  • Telephony platforms

Salesforce helps you bring programs like these together. Global Response can use Salesforce Service Cloud to bring your in-house and outsourced customer service together for a consistent customer experience across channels.

Why Is Integrating Salesforce Important?

Salesforce plays a vital role in your business. It helps you:

  • Retain customers
  • Automate low-value tasks, freeing up your customer service staff for complex, higher-value tasks and inquiries
  • Learn more about your customers to sell more efficiently with the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Increase sales, marketing, and customer care productivity to deliver results and grow your business
  • Unify your contact points (chat, call, social media, email, SMS text) so that any customer service agent can pick up where the last one left off


Whether you are outsourcing sales calls or inbound customer care, Global Response helps you get the most out of Salesforce to achieve your customer acquisition and retention goals. Through the power of Salesforce Service Cloud, we become a seamless extension of your organization and can help you utilize the full capacity of this system.

How Your Outsourced Contact Center Helps You Integrate Salesforce

Global Response’s skilled integrations team simplifies the channels between your organization and our customer contact center, so that we become one seamless customer experience team. 

Leverage your established workflow and, through Salesforce integration, all exports, data, call logs, customer sales history, reports and interfaces can be found in one place.

Global Response is a brand contact center that can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, enhancing your brand power by supporting customers at every step of their customer journey. Your brand is our passion. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help through the integration of Salesforce Service Cloud. 

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