Zendesk Integration

Zendesk lets you connect and understand all customer data wherever that data is housed, bringing all of your siloed departments, data sources, and communications tools together in one powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This gives you the freedom and the capability to do more with your data and delight customers.

The Zendesk suite includes Zendesk Support for customer contact management and Zendesk Sunshine, described as the “open and flexible CRM platform.” Here are just a few ways you can integrate Zendesk into your existing customer relationship management systems.

Omnichannel Specialist

Through Zendesk, Global Response works with your customers across communication channels, representing your brand the way you want customers to see you.

Combine Zendesk Data with External Sources

You can combine data from Zendesk Sunshine with external data sources, and build apps that will take you beyond customer support. Customers today want options for contacting you and they expect self-service tools to be available as an alternative to reaching out for customer support. When you make these tools available, you not only delight customers, you reduce staffing needed to manage straightforward questions or transactions, focusing your team on high-touch customer experiences.

Zendesk Explore supports your customer experience by integrating data from all channels to provide a complete view of analytics and reporting. Global Response understands customer expectations, and, through Zendesk, we can help you create these customer-delighting experiences. 

Zendesk Integration

Zendesk helps you create a seamless customer experience across channels by bringing multiple 3rd-party applications, data sources, and communication channels together. Our Brand Specialists maximize the benefits of the Zendesk CRM suite by providing high-touch service on any channel including phone, email, chat and SMS text.

Global Response has the knowledge, infrastructure, and talent to help you get the most out of Zendesk to delight your customers at every level and across channels. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

Building Personalized Experiences

Insights from your data will allow you to build personalized experiences. When you know this much about a customer, it’s easier to provide them with more relevant offers and customized support they need to keep coming back and tell their friends to do so as well. Global Response’s skilled, empathic, and certified call center teams help you leverage this data. We have the infrastructure in place to help you quickly benefit from the power of Zendesk.

Use Attributes from 3rd-Party Apps to Build More Accurate Customer Profiles

Customers today don’t just have one preferred way of contacting your company. They may send one message through Facebook while  speaking with a representative via email. Communication lines get crossed, increasing customer effort and reducing efficiency.

Additionally, customers leave clues on different channels about who they are. A customer relationship management  system like Zendesk brings all of this data together, providing context and building a complete picture of your customers. Build more complete profiles to understand buying cycles. Gain insight into how all of your touchpoints work together to generate sales and retain customers.

A Zendesk profile includes identifiers for a person across systems as well as customizable attributes. This allows you to associate a person in one system with another to offer a more personalized and seamless experience no matter which system that person uses to interact with your brand. Through Zendesk, Global Response works with your customers across communication channels, representing your brand the way you want customers to see you, a brand that understands the customer journey and has systems in place to provide a seamless customer experience.

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