The Many Facets of Social Media Support

Focusing your efforts on an extensive social media support plan can greatly set you apart from other companies. With so many customers, existing and potential, using social media platforms daily, it is the perfect place to aim your attention and your goal to make the most of the information being shared. Social media gives companies direct access to their customers, essentially making these platforms a key marketing tool.

Social media support not only benefits customers by offering them real-time problem solving, but also greatly benefits the company. A social media support plan provides the opportunity for increased brand engagement and awareness and is a very cost-effective service for companies to provide. Brands that choose to partner with outsourced call centers to handle their social media monitoring can enjoy these benefits, and also gain a better understanding of the many facets of social media support.

  1. Monitoring Platforms – As customer service through social media support has become increasingly popular over the last several years, Global Response has worked to design a thorough monitoring platform to facilitate this. Our Brand Specialists are trained to respond to social interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, review platforms, blogs, forums and many other social platforms companies choose to use.

  2. Customer Service – Responding to customer service inquiries with accurate and timely answers not only has the potential to increase brand loyalty, it also encourages positive word of mouth for brands. Providing a convenient way for customers to receive resolutions to their inquiries helps to improve the overall brand experience. Customer support through social media allows for real-time interaction and faster problem resolution. 

  3. Reporting Dashboards – The Global Response reporting portal tracks essential analytics including the types of customer services requests and how the responses were handled, as well as brand mentions and interactions. The centralized dashboard that clients have access to provides actionable insight to allow constant improvement in our social media customer service. 

  4. Analytics – By tracking and trending social media interactions with customers, companies can know what people are saying online about their brand. The social media monitoring and analytics solutions Global Response provides show insight into the volume of conversations, engagement, customer service, disposition, and many more metrics necessary to measure your brand’s social media presence. 

Global Response understands that social media support is essential for retailers, especially those online, as it benefits both the customers and the company. Customers experience faster problem resolution and higher brand engagement, and companies are able to access and analyze data to help create a positive experience and grow their brand. 

Through the many facets of social media support with Global Response, our clients enjoy a centralized dashboard to monitor all social activity, the ability to access and analyze data at any time, track and trend customer inquiries, monitor timeliness of responses, and learn about their customer base all in one place. 

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