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The Training Process at Global Response

When it comes to training our teams at Global Response, we take a unique approach. Global Response is much more than just a call center. We take into consideration all aspects of the company we partner with to ensure that our team is fully equipped to deliver exceptional, branded customer experiences.

Global Response refers to our team members as Brand Specialists, rather than agents. Each Brand Specialist is trained to develop expertise in both skills and knowledge as it pertains to their team.

We focus on the fact that our Brand Specialists are working both for their brand and for Global Response, they are not simply a customer service representative of Global Response. This ensures that each brand specialist will have the highest knowledge and the ability to focus on one brand experience, and are immersed and dedicated to that brand.

Here is an overview of the overall training process we follow at Global Response.

  1. Brand Training
    Once hired, each new associate completes in-depth, brand-specific training. This training could be anywhere from three days to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the brand policies and practices. Global Response focuses on the needs and learning abilities of each employee, and we make sure that the training is interactive and fun for everyone involved. Training is as immersive and realistic as possible. Activities include role play demonstrations, and product training so associates gain a personal understanding and knowledge of products. Additionally, associates are trained on Global Response policies, culture and best practices.
  2. Graduation
    After the training is completed, employees must pass an examination, or demonstrate their learnings to the brand’s standards in order to graduate from their training. Following graduation, associates are recognized as Brand Specialists.
  3. Nesting
    Nesting is a term for the initial period when Brand Specialists transition from a training environment. Brand Specialists put their training into practice, working with customers under the guidance of leadership. Nesting ensures that Brand Specialists are well-versed in policies, procedures and the brand culture and creates an environment of ongoing education where team members have an open forum to ask questions of trainers and supervisors. Trainers also use this time to identify areas where Brand Specialists need additional guidance and training.
  1. Coaching
    During this phase, we focus heavily on feedback in order to highlight the strengths of the employee and bring attention to the areas that need improvement. Feedback can come from QA scorecards or customer surveys, for example. In coaching, we review feedback and develop a plan to move forward and progress.
  2. Continued Education & Training
    The completion of the initial training process is never the end of the training. Global Response makes it a point to hold additional training and courses for continued education to ensure all customers are receiving the best customer service experience possible. 

By following this training approach, and viewing our employees as Brand Specialists, not just customer service agents, we create a very different employee experience from other call centers. This employee experience translates to dedicated, invested team members. We take pride in training our teams, and being an extension of your team. See how Global Response could bring your customer service experience to the next level.

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