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Why Choose Global Response?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to partnering with a call center. While there are many different factors to consider when doing so, the training process that the call center follows is what could make all the difference. Global Response takes a very different approach to the training process than other call centers. The thing that makes Global Response unique to other call centers is the importance placed on the training and onboarding process. In the words of one of Global Response’s trainers, “We make sure to focus on the fact that our Brand Specialists are not simply a customer service representative of Global Response. They are essentially working for a brand through Global Response.”

There are many reasons why companies choose to partner with Global Response over other call centers.  Here are five of the most important reasons why Global Response is much more than just your average call center.

  • Custom branded training material
    In most cases, companies have to hire someone to create a management system of their own. Global Response understands the training process and is able to take on the development of training for any company to create a streamlined system. Global Response is also able to update a company’s current training materials to make sure all policies and procedures are current. 

  • Client mirroring
    Global Response has the ability to teach and train brand nuances to each Brand Specialist. Part of the onboarding process is that they will immerse themselves in the company culture. Many clients invite Brand Specialists to spend time at their store or headquarters locations to gain a deep understanding of the company’s culture and operations.

  • All employees are “Globalized”
    This term is used to describe the extensive training process and implementation that has been set in place. Brand Specialists are hand-selected to work on specific accounts that best fit the company. As one trainer put it, “We look at emotional intelligence. We are able to ask the right questions to understand the needs of the client, and this helps us to be able to find the perfect specialists for each client.”

  • Continued education for Brand Specialists
    Any time there are updates to company policies and procedures, additional training is held for the people assigned to the account that has been updated. This ensures that each Brand Specialist will have the most current brand knowledge and the ability to offer a well-rounded customer service experience.

  • Emphasis on employee retention
    In developing its company culture, Global Response has focused largely on the importance of the team members. Proper time is taken to train and integrate a Brand Specialist into the culture of the brand they are representing. Because of this, Brand Specialists take pride in their work. They are not just a body in a seat but are a valued part of a team representing a brand. This is the difference between creating a career path versus just collecting a paycheck. 

The Global Response approach to both the client experience and the employee experience is what sets it apart.  As a result of this, Global Response is able to create a very different experience from other call centers. An extreme amount of pride is taken in training the teams, being able to facilitate a dedicated team for each of our brand partners, and offering additional services to clients that other call centers aren’t able to. Global Response is far beyond a standard call center, they are an extension of your team.  Come and see how the Global Response difference could bring your customer service experience to the next level.

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