Wine retailer illustrates importance of mobile channel

Wine.com is the nation’s largest online wine distributor, and the holiday season is always a crucial period for them, with December making up 30 percent of total yearly sales.

In a recent post on CNBC, CEO Rich Bergsund shared some statistics that underline the growing importance of the mobile channel—and the importance of supporting it to ensure a positive customer experience.

According to Bergsund, the average Wine.com order is $150, but on the iPad the average order increases 50 percent to $225. With Apple products currently making up about 80 percent of all mobile traffic to Wine.com, the company had good reason to create its own mobile-specific website that makes the buying process easier for consumers shopping on any mobile product, be it an iPad, iPhone or Android-powered device. The site allows customers easy access to Wine.com’s full catalog of wines and, most importantly, an express check-out system that makes mobile purchases easier to execute.

“We want to make the process hassle-free,” says Bergsund, who hopes the new site “will increase our mobile sales by 4 to 5 percent.”

He says that “last year, the day after Christmas, 20 percent of all sales came from the iPad. People were at home relaxing with their gifts. This year, and going forward, we’re going to be ready no matter what platform they are shopping on.”

How can you support the growing number of customers using your mobile channel? Here’s a quick guide to getting started.

Customer Support for Mobile Apps and More

As your partner in delivering a great customer experience, your call center needs to be ready and able to provide high-quality, high-touch support for your mobile shoppers. Here’s how you can help.

  • Provide your call center representatives with mobile devices—smart phones and tablets—running your company’s application. This ensures they can replicate your customers’ experience and deliver superior support.
  • Work with your call center to create a platform that will use mobile device emulation software (device emulator, browser emulator, or operating system emulator) so that they can, on their desktop, duplicate the customer’s experience and see exactly what the customer is seeing so they can provide clear, accurate support.
  • Work with your call center to develop an overarching strategy for mobile support. Identify and monitor mobile-related customer support issues, read reviews of your app, communicate with developers to quickly address issues with the app, publicize updates that fix problems, etc.

Supporting Mobile to Build Your Brand

An effective support program for mobile shoppers has all the benefits of your existing support program for online and call-in shoppers. It can increase sales, take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities, explain and clarify policies, and be a tremendous help in the overarching goals of building your brand and your business.

Do you already have a mobile strategy in place at your call center? How is it helping you deliver support to customers who are using this increasingly important channel?

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