The Impact of Help Desk Outsourcing on Customer Satisfaction

a help desk outsourcing agent working at their deskCan help desk outsourcing really make a difference on customer satisfaction?Help desk requests may seem like a small (although often bothersome) task. Whether you get tons of help desk requests or just a few, dealing with them often causes a lot of frustration to your customers—which is compounded if they can’t get quick and efficient […]

How Customer Analytics Drives Informed Decision-Making

a business owner reviewing their customer analytics at their computerToday’s companies collect more customer data than ever. Unfortunately, many companies still aren’t using it for its full effect. Customer analytics allow you to take the customer data you’ve collected and assess, aggregate and analyze it to understand trends, make forecasts and better understand your customers. In doing so, you can develop actionable insights that drive […]

What Your Net Promoter Score Really Means—and How to Measure It

an image of a scale depicting the meaning of various NPS scoresIf you’ve worked in or alongside Customer Experience teams for any length of time, you’ve likely heard of NPS, or Net Promoter Scores.But while the standard NPS survey is simple, interpreting your NPS score and figuring out how to use it for company growth and improvement is anything but.NPS is a metric that was first […]

Enhancing Healthcare Through BPO Solutions

a busy hospital where healthcare BPO is improving thingsHealthcare support comes with unique demands: the need for increased privacy and regulatory compliance a high-touch, highly personalized client experience high stress, highly emotional client needs complicated and detailed industry knowledge unique billing codes, processes and payment systems the need for round-the-clock supportTo add to that, internal healthcare teams across all types of positions and healthcare organizations are experiencing high levels […]

Multilingual Support: Expanding Reach with Retail Call Center Services

a call center agent working in a multilingual call center support environment.One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing customer service is whether or not agents will be able to speak English well enough to provide effortless and easy communication—and avoid misunderstandings—with customers. While this is obviously essential, what about your customers who don’t speak English as a first language themselves? Not only do these customers have […]

CCaaS vs. Traditional Call Centers: Why Cloud-Based Contact Centers Are the Future

an illustration depicting a CCaaS setup.Is your traditional call center still serving your business goals? Many businesses think that they are—until they consider other options. Traditional call centers are typically very dependent on in-person resources—both in-person agents as well as offices, hardware and physical tools that allow you to monitor and manage customer service calls. However, modern Contact-Center-as-a-Service models (CCaaS) […]

Call Center Compliance & Regulations: Legal Considerations When Outsourcing Your Call Center

a call center compliance checklist outlining a number of call center regulations.Although call centers provide essential support and benefit to your business—including increased customer service availability, improved productivity and efficiency, stronger service levels and more—if a legal dispute or non-compliance issue is uncovered, your call center can end up costing you more than you imagined. As such, it’s essential to tread carefully when it comes to […]

The Ethical Considerations of Working with Call Center Outsourcing Companies

businessperson discussing the ethical outsourcing considerations that should be made when selecting a call center partnersOutsourcing is a common business practice—but is it a good one?While outsourcing offers many benefits for the company outsourcing, including more affordable labor, scalable teams, increased service hours, flexibility and more, there’s not always as many clear benefits for the workers providing those services. Some companies may wonder if working with an outsourcing company—especially in […]

Clienteling for Gen Z: Understanding the Needs of a New Generation

a person benefiting from a luxury retail brand's clienteling strategy while they make a purchase using their credit card outdoorsThe newest generation is on the block with some major purchasing power and a thirst for luxury, eco-conscious and socially-responsible brands.  It’s Gen Z, of course.  And if you’re thinking, “Isn’t Gen Z a bit too young for luxury and clienteling?,” think again. Gen Z is defined as those born between 1997 and 2010, which […]

What to Consider When Outsourcing Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry

someone leveraging healthcare outsourcing servicesHealthcare outsourcing is growing—estimated to reach $66.3 billion by 2025, according to some reports. But what’s leading the growth in this sector? If you work in management at a healthcare organization, you can probably wager a guess at the answer. Decreased budgets, increased demands, growing burnout among healthcare workers across all positions, increasing need for […]