Using an Outsourced Call Center: Pros and Cons

an Outsourced Call Center agent working at their computerWhat does outsourcing have in common with kale and tofu?All three have somewhat of a bad reputation—but one that’s not warranted. In all three cases, a bit of the right preparation can make all the difference between a good experience and a bad one. But enough metaphors—if you’re thinking about outsourcing your call center, you’re here […]

How To Pick The Right Call Center Provider

a person at their computer researching call center providersChoosing a call center provider is a difficult task—and it’s one that comes with a lot of responsibility. A call center can make or break your customer service, as well as significantly impact the reputation of your brand. Obviously, you can’t offload that role to the first call center you come across. But with so […]

Creating a Successful Call Center Culture

a call center agent working from their home as part of a company with a good call center cultureCulture is one of the most nebulous aspects of any company or team—but creating a positive one can make or break your employee experience, your customer service, and your bottom line. If creating a successful call center is proving challenging, our team has 40+ years of experience managing call centers and creating successful cultures. In this […]

How to Effectively Empower Call Center Agents

a call center agent training another team memberThere’s a lot of discussion about employee empowerment today, but call center agents are a unique type of employee with unique roles and needs. What does empowerment look like when it comes to their role?Agent empowerment is key for increasing retention and job satisfaction, but it also plays a large role in effective customer service and […]

Using Call Centers to Improve Customer Retention and Increase Lifetime Value

a call center agent working on ways to improve their client's customer lifetime value.There’s no business out there who doesn’t want to improve their customer retention and CLV. Focusing on both, or either, of these metrics confer an outsized degree of benefits:increased profits and revenuesincreased conversions and saleshigher levels of word-of-mouth marketingimproved NPS and CSAT scoresmore effective marketing and lower acquisition costsBut in today’s saturated marketplace, convincing customers […]

What are the Advantages of Using Chatbots in Call Center Services?

an illustration of a chatbot being used in a call centerAre chatbots actually beneficial for call centers, or are they really just a new fad? Though 80% of consumers have interacted with a chatbot at some point, only around 23% of companies are currently using them in their customer service. At some point, call centers will need to take chatbots seriously, considering: Can chatbots speed […]

5 Ways a Contact Center Can Help Improve Customer Retention

a call center agent speaking to a customer to improve customer retention ratesMany companies focus primarily on customer acquisition, sometimes at the cost of customer retention. After all, the more customers, the better, right? Wrong. This idea is supported by a number of false premises, such as: customer retention will take care of itself once customers come to my business, they won’t bother looking elsewhere customer retention […]

How Call Centers Can Help Maintain Brand Consistency

a call center agent on a call focused on maintaining brand consistencyMaintaining brand consistency creates many benefits:  strengthens customer loyalty and builds trust improves customer experiences and supports retention  makes your brand more memorable  increases positive brand perception and affinity  builds authority and helps your brand stand out from competitors  So how do you achieve these benefits for your team? Believe it or not, your call […]

Why Some Businesses Prefer In-House Customer Service Over Call Centers

an in-house customer service agentCustomer service is more important than ever—all the data backs this up. Take, for example, recent surveys that show:  78% of customers say customer service is a factor in determining whether or not to shop with a given company  68% of customers will pay more for a product or service if the brand is known […]

6 Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Call Center (and How to Overcome Them)

a person who wants to avoid hiring a call centerEveryone’s heard the horror stories: the call center who had a major data breachlow quality call centers who hire agents that aren’t fluent in target languagesdeclining service quality after outsourcing increasing outsourcing costs that make scaling or growing your team nearly impossible At the end of the day, are call centers more trouble than they’re worth? That’s what […]