Omnichannel Contact Centers Explained

Omnichannel contact centerWhen you think of the best forms of customer communication, what jumps to mind? Maybe it’s traditional advertising or digital display ads. Or maybe you prefer email and social media. Or, for some companies, the majority of contacts come over the phone. So what’s the best form of customer communication? You might not be surprised […]

How to Improve the Call Center Customer Experience

improve call center customer experienceWhen it comes to customer service, quality is the name of the game. Did you know that 70% of customers will spend more money with a company if they have a good customer experience? Or that 32% of customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved if they had just one bad customer […]

KPIs for call centers: 8 critical metrics to track

Contact Center ServicesWhen it comes to KPIs for your call center, one thing is for sure: less is more. You may not be so convinced. After all, when you’re managing a call center, whether it’s in-house or outsourced, there’s a long list of KPIs (key performance indicators) that you could be measuring. Handle time, CSAT, FCR, abandonment rate—the […]

How BPO Call Centers Can Help Your Business

BPO Call CenterIs your business growing exponentially lately—or do you wish it was? Either way, it might be time to outsource your call center. A BPO call center can provide huge benefits for your business, while also being more cost-effective and freeing up time and resources within your internal team. But finding the right BPO call center […]

What is a multichannel contact center?

What Is A Multichannel Contact CenterReady to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce average handle time and grow sales? Then it might be time for you to consider a multi-channel contact center for your business. Call centers, contact centers, multi-channel contact centers: there’s a lot of terminology floating around, and it may be difficult to know exactly what services are included […]

What is a Contact Center? Definition and Benefits

a women looking at her phone with a credit card in her hand, researching the answer to "what is a contact center?"What’s the best way to retain customers?  Some might say incredible products that will sell themselves. Others may argue that having the best price on the market attracts the most consumers. Still others may argue that an online presence, or a memorable brand, or any number of other factors is the best way to engage […]

Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore: Which is Best?

onshore offshore nearshore call centers, location, location.It’s certainly key for your business, but does it matter for your call center? There are a number of various location-based models for call centers, and which is right for you depends on a number of factors.Of course, an in-house call center model keeps your call center literally within your own team. But […]

Inbound vs Outbound Call Centers: Which is Best?

Inbound vs. outbound call centersCan a call center really alleviate pain points in your business? Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with a recent influx of customer service calls. Or maybe you’re struggling to scale up your customer team at cost. Or you have a long list of leads that you haven’t been able to follow up with. With […]

How to Hire a Call Center

How To Hire A Call CenterIs your in-house team struggling to keep up with customer service calls and inquiries? Are you hoping to enhance your customer experience this year? Do you need to free up internal resources for big business projects and strategic planning? If so, it might be time to outsource customer service to a dedicated call center. Hiring an outsourced call center […]

What Is a Call Center? An In-Depth Guide​

What Is A Call CenterCall centers are a staple customer service resource for businesses large and small—and demand is growing. In the US alone, there are hundreds of thousands of call center jobs. When you take into account that in 2020 around 60% of consumers stated that they contacted customer service within a month of their purchase, it’s apparent that […]