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A Day In The Life of a Brand Specialist at Global Response

The approach Global Response takes with customer care is very different from what you would find at your run-of-the-mill call center vendors. At Global Response, we do not refer to our associates as agents, but rather, Brand Specialists. The term ‘agent’ signifies a much less personalized approach, and that is completely not the case when it comes to our work environment and overall mission as a company. When looking at a day in the life of a Brand Specialist at Global Response, the company culture, and the value placed on the work that is being done is what sets us apart from other call centers.

All of our Brand Specialists take a more personal approach with their work when it comes to interacting with customers. The goal is to make each experience both positive and memorable. Global Response understands that customers may not remember the exact details of an interaction, but they will remember how they were made to feel, and most often that’s more important. 

We asked several of our executive level employees to explain what the term brand specialist means to them. Donna Dudchock explained, “At their core, they recognize the importance of the customer experience and possess the skills and attitude of finding whatever it takes to provide a positive and memorable customer experience to every interaction across all channels.” Brooke Bivins added, “A Brand Specialist is an experienced, passionate ambassador who is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations. Brand Specialists are invested in the brand and dedicated to its success.”

Global Response understands that taking care of customers requires a very specific set of skills. With Brand Specialists, as opposed to agents, it’s important that they possess the following traits to ensure success:

  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to learn
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship building
  • Proven work ethic
  • Ability to embrace change
  • Ability to multitask
  • Soft skills (empathy, patience, politeness)
  • Quick thinking and reaction time for problem solving
  • Passion for the brand they represent


Something that really helps set the tone as a Brand Specialist at Global Response is the company culture. Global Response’s culture is built around the brands we represent. Our highly collaborative process ensures that our efforts align with each brand, allowing us to embrace our client’s brand as our own. Our founder, Herman Shooster, said it best: “We know that our clients are as proud of their own companies as we are of ours. And just as we work hard to protect and promote our company, we work just as hard to do the same for yours. That’s why we call ourselves the Brand Care people. Your Brand is our business, and we are passionate about our business.”

Several of our employees were asked to describe the difference between a Brand Specialist and an agent in their own words. Simply put, James Sweet said, “A Brand Specialist takes a deep dive into the brand’s culture and ethos. An agent is someone who answers the phone.” Simone Thomas White added, “The Brand Specialist helps define how the customer thinks about the company’s products or services, whilst an agent is authorized to perform transactions on behalf of their clients.”

At Global Response, we are very focused and work very hard, but we also make time for fun. It is not out of the ordinary to walk through the doors of Global Response and see a client focus group convening, managers side-jacked with Brand Specialists, a group of supervisors practicing a dance routine or a training class having a pizza party. This type of environment is truly unique, and are just some of the things that can be experienced during a day in the life of a Brand Specialist at Global Response.

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