Develop a Complete Approach to Customer Service Training

The world of customer service has transformed as businesses everywhere adopt a digital standard of operations, and as a result, today’s consumers demand higher levels of consistency and quality when interacting with brands before, during and following a purchase. Achieving success in this era isn’t all about technology, however, the core components of excellent customer service have remained intact as call center operations have evolved over the years. Now more than ever, you must ensure your contact center agents are prepared to keep up with the fast pace of the digital age.

Even if your representatives are naturally inclined to facilitate an excellent customer experience, you are still responsible for maximizing their potential with service training programs that allow them to master key tools and techniques. Whether these educational resources are aimed toward building better intrapersonal skills, improving their knowledge of the brand’s offerings or strengthening their technical know-how with certain software, the value of contact center training cannot be denied. Here are a few tactics you can deploy to make the most of your educational investments in the call center:

“Now more than ever, you must ensure that your contact center agents are prepared to keep up with the fast pace of the digital age.”

1. Incorporate multi-channel training

Today’s contact center environment is highly diversified, with channels such as social media, live chat and email layered on top of traditional phone systems. A similar standard of multi-channel support should guide your training programs to deliver a well-rounded education for representatives, evolving with the times and keeping pace with new technologies as they develop. Agents must be able to take full advantage of the tools at their disposal if they are to lead customers through the best possible interactions.

Also, be sure to include a range of formats such as text materials, video resources, in-person lessons and even brick-and-mortar techniques to mix things up. According to Customer Service Manager, a greater variety of training resources and multimedia programs will prepare staff members to handle challenges with a professional demeanor and plenty of background experience.

2. Get staff members into the game

Upholding top-notch customer service is serious business, but when it comes to training contact center representatives, you should remember to balance work and play by including gamified learning structures. According to EduTopia, training programs built with point or badge reward systems are not only more likely to keep employees focused on the task at hand, but also offer insight into the strengths of particular staff members – and where they can improve. It’s a winning situation for agents, contact center managers, and customers alike.

3. Collaborate to strengthen culture

Not all training efforts have to involve textbooks and tests, and including culture-building activities is a great way to keep staff members engaged while developing a stronger customer service atmosphere. Getting employees out of the classroom also allows individuals to build trust that will be vital when things get hectic in the contact center. Customer Service Zone recommended leading group exercises such as “Two Truths and a Lie” to break the ice across the team and develop connections that will shine through when interacting with customers.

Develop a complete approach to customer service training
Develop a complete approach to customer service training

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