Create Your Ideal B2B Customer Experience

A Salesforce survey found that 59% of B2B buyers prefer to do their research online versus speaking with a customer service representative, who they feel focus on pushing sales rather than solving problems. Stats like this exemplify the intricate relationship that B2B businesses have with buyers and why having an effective B2B customer care team in place to represent your brand is so important.

Here’s how our branded approach and expertise across channels and industries makes Global Response the ideal brand partner for your B2B program.

Be prepared and available where and when your B2B customers expect.

Retention of B2B Customers

Customer loyalty is important for any business, but this is especially true in the B2B industry. One highly-satisfied and loyal customer can grow into an exponential number of B2B referrals. Each transaction can represent a significant amount of dollars, or thousands of units. And each customer interaction can have significant influence on the customer experience.

Brand Specialists resolve customers’ issues as swiftly as possible, as every single contact is an opportunity to build a memorable experience. You simply can’t afford to entrust these essential interactions to someone who doesn’t understand your brand, the industry, the account or the importance of each and every customer contact.

That’s why working with the right outsourced B2B customer relationship management contact center is vital to the success of your business and your customers.

Metrics Tailored to B2B

Every contact is an opportunity to maintain your relationship with the customer. And that’s important because it costs a business five times as much to generate a new customer as it does to retain one.

B2B KPIs don’t end with acquiring a customer. They should be geared towards increasing customer satisfaction, retention and tracking operational efficiency and client risk.

This requires a B2B company to have the customer relationship management tools in place to effectively track interactions, the data analytics to evaluate those interactions and a skilled and passionate team of top-notch Brand Specialists who think in terms of solutions and optimal brand experience.

Global Response has the infrastructure, the Brand Specialists and the passion to consistently measure and deliver these results.

B2B Quality and Competition

B2B companies differentiate themselves from the competition largely on the quality of service they provide. A Gartner study found that 64% say customer experience is more important than price. In other words, B2B customers are willing to pay more for an added level of service.

Anticipating customer needs and identifying trends in behavior as well as personalized assistance are some of the ways to remain a relevant partner.

Your outsourced B2B brand contact center should be able to leverage their passion and knowledge of your brand and your customers to deliver the highest quality and service to customers, setting you apart from competitors. This is what Global Response delivers.

Building B2B Relationships

Our Brand Specialists understand that they are a seamless extension of your brand. They work to build and strengthen your business partnerships. B2B is all about partnership, getting to know your customer, establishing preferred channel and frequency of communication, documenting requests and feedback.

Managing the Complexity of B2B Contacts

In B2B, one single customer or company may generate many contacts from different points of contact and departments within the organization. One buying decision may involve a whole committee of individuals. Be prepared and available where and when your customers expect.

It is necessary that the Brand Specialists fully understand the business and have the appropriate tools to assist the customer in every scenario. An efficiently-run B2B customer contact center helps a customer organization:

  • Prevent duplication of effort
  • Focuses on First Contact Resolution to solve complex efficiently
  • Guide each business buyer within the organization through the buying process and provide ongoing customer support post-purchase


Global Response is equipped to manage this complexity by centralizing and tracking all communications with a brand to ensure one consistent and seamless brand experience.

Hiring and Training for B2B

Build the best team based on employee hiring profiles as well as providing intensive training are key to a successful B2B program. Understanding the specificities of the industry and how the organization works is fundamental when providing B2B customer service.

Global Response reduces turnover by investing in our Brand Specialists. With high standards and immersive training programs, employees feel supported and prepared to represent your brand. Our Brand Specialists are empowered to become advocates for your brand, striving to create exceptional customer experiences.

B2B Tech and Data

When it comes to managing B2B relationships, no ordinary technology will do. It must be designed from the ground up with B2B in mind.

Your technology should include options for personalization and seamless system integration with third-party programs like Zendesk, Salesforce and more. Data captured needs to be organized, aggregated, analyzed and turned into a useable form from which you can draw business intelligence insights and take actionable steps to continually improve your B2B customer experience.

For example, customer purchase history and habits should be measured and all information turned into actionable items. The right technology systems provide a full customer history for timely and accurate customer service.

Outsourcing customer contact and associated reporting and dashboarding allows you to focus on your core strengths while we put our core strengths to work for your B2B company.

To learn more about how Global Response’s team of Brand Specialists can help your business, contact us today!

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