3 Steps to Superior Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Inbound calls are the bread and butter of the contact center operation and are a foundational element to your brand’s overall customer service strategy.

Even as organizations adopt a digital standard using e-commerce platforms and other Web-driven communications channels such as live chat, email response, and social media monitoring tools, mastering the inbound call center remains key to ensuring customer loyalty and long-term satisfaction. That’s why so many companies are opting to solidify their call center services with the support of an outsourcing component designed to maintain high levels of quality and professionalism.

To realize the greatest possible value from your call center outsourcing investment, you’ll need to approach the process with a plan. Here are three steps that will help you outsource intelligently and make the most of your inbound contact center dollar:

“Find an outsourcing program designed to maintain high levels of quality and professionalism in the call center.”

  • 1. Honestly assess your program’s needs: If you’re in search of an inbound call center, chances are that your program has some specific areas in need of attention. An honest, open evaluation of your customer service offerings is necessary to set you on the path to success, so don’t hesitate to bring up examples of consumer feedback, agent experiences or managerial opinions in your assessments. As Business News Daily pointed out, these are the tough questions that will make all the difference when it comes time to select an outsourcing ally.

“Do you need a call center with basic features, such as voice support only, or do you need a more advanced system that you can grow with that can also handle callbacks, email, chat, social media, fax and voicemail?” asked George Despinic, global contact center marketing manager at Siemens Enterprise Communications.

  • 2. Develop a goal-driven partnership: Even with a detailed set of demands to guide you, it can be challenging to select a partner from the long list of available outsourcing companies on the market. As Lieber and Associates have noted, factors such as contact center technology, representative knowledge and experience and training program quality should all come into play when making this choice. Remember to look beneath the surface, as well – flexibility and cooperation are key. A partner should work with you to create a customized solution to achieve your specified goals.
  • 3. Track, measure and optimize performance: Once your outsourced inbound call center is in place, to protect your investment and ensure results for the long term, you’ll need to take a rigorous, 360-degree approach to performance tracking and analysis, especially when working with a new partner. Develop a complete spectrum of productivity and quality metrics, to make sure you achieve the designated service levels and capture useful feedback. .

Although a clear set of objectives and expectations should set your efforts on the right path from the start, remember to keep the conversation open with your call center partner. Adopt an attitude of constant improvement and watch your customer service program grow stronger every day.

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