5 Tips for Customer Retention. Tip 3: Create the Opportunity to 'Save a Customer'

5 Tips for Customer Retention in the Contact Center. Tip 3. Create the Opportunity to ‘Save a Customer’

Our Best Practices blog on customer retention in the contact center moves to Tip 3, Create the Opportunity to ‘Save a Customer,’ which follows. Tuesday’s blog focused on Tip 2, Design Transformational Experiences.

Tip 3. Create the Opportunity to “Save a Customer.”

 Sometimes when customers turn away from a company or service, the company never knows it. Measure your processes to raise visibility within your organization. Steps can include:

  • Create an opportunity to learn what the customer’s difficulty is. The best practice in saving customer subscriptions is to prioritize a phone call to discuss their challenge. In doing so, you can learn about the difficulty and strive to make it right.
  • Monitor social media. Understanding community sentiment can create the opportunity to get ahead of issues.
    • Reach out to vocal customers by inviting them to discuss it with you offline.

See Thursday’s blog for Tip 4.