5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Contact Center QBR. 4: Map Your Strategy

The fourth tip in this week’s Best Practices blog, 5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Contact Center QBR (Quarterly Business Review),  is: Map Your Strategy, which follows. Wednesday’s Tip 3 was: Examine performance with core KPIs, supporting metrics and observations.

4. Map Your Strategy

Strategic plans should be discussed and reviewed.

  • Operational. Minor changes can be incorporated into the program operations.
  • Strategic. Major changes can be presented to the client for consideration and potential future implementation.
  • Technology: Leverage solutions to improve efficiency, service or quality.
  • Identify key focus areas such as:
    • Culture, customer experience and brand care
    • Efficiency improvement opportunities
    • Performance levels and action plans
    • Quality assurance and special event planning


For our final tip in this Best Practices Series, see Friday’s blog.

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