Best Practices of Inbound Call Centers

#1: Evaluate Brand Specialists During the Interview Process

Give new hires an opportunity to demonstrate key skills in their interview. This can range from skills assessments to personality tests to role playing customer contact scenarios.

#2: Provide Thorough Call Center Brand Specialist Training

Invest time in each new Brand Specialist to ensure they are comfortable and set up for success. As part of the in-depth, branded training, Brand Specialists should become well-versed and confident in the brand’s products, procedures and culture.

#3: Utilize Call Tracking and Monitoring Tools

Invest in tools that pinpoint important metrics from inbound calls to identify opportunities to continually enhance and add value to the customer experience.

#4: Build a Vibrant Company Culture

Create an environment that prizes the customer, and where Brand Specialists feel invested in the brand they represent. Value each Brand Specialists’ contributions. Build a team and a company that makes the workplace fun, family-oriented and customer-centric.

#5: Use a Customer Management Software

Organize your customer information in a centralized place to support your Brand Specialists. By making customer data such as order history available, Brand Specialists are empowered to offer more tailored solutions for each customer.

#6: Leverage a Knowledge Base

Keep frequently asked questions and updates easily accessible to Brand Specialists.

#7: Partner New Brand Specialists with Top Performers

Let your Brand Specialists get hands-on experience with successful inbound calls by training alongside experienced Brand Specialists. 

#8: Use Customer Surveys to Evaluate Service

Surveys give your customers a chance to share their needs from the company and products. Common survey metrics are Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES). A well-designed survey will deliver actionable insights to continually improve the customer experience.

#9: Communicate with Your Call Center Brand Specialists

Take care of your Brand Specialists so that they can take care of your customers. Provide support and coaching to ensure each Brand Specialists is delivering the best customer experience.

#10: Share Positive Customer Feedback with Your Team

When a customer shares a positive feedback on their service experience, share it with the team as a note of encouragement. Consider implementing a recognition program for Brand Specialists who go above and beyond for customers.

#11: Offer Incentives for Achieving Team Goals

Get creative to develop incentive programs to encourage teamwork and achieving goals.

#12: Schedule Continual Training Sessions

Continue to train Brand Specialists. Training updates can be scheduled as needed to engage the team and share information regarding product or policy updates. For example, if a range of new products are being launched, a hands-on training can provide Brand Specialists with the opportunity to get familiar with the new product offerings.

#13: Invest in Analytics for Tracking

Invest in the numbers. Having access to real-time analytics will better equip you to set and meet goals.

#14: Make Sure All Feedback is Clear and Actionable

Turn open-ended advice into a game plan. Use data gathered from analytics, quality assurance and customer surveys to develop next steps. Continue to track the feedback process to understand if and how improvements affect the customer experience.

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