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3 Luxury Brand Call Center Essentials

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Managing call center operations for a luxury brand demands that you hold every component of customer service to a higher standard. Today’s consumers expect fast, precise problem resolution when they dial into a contact center, and according to Retail Doc, patrons of luxury brands are much quicker to take their business elsewhere if they feel that they aren’t receiving the service they demand. In fact, the source noted that unprepared luxury brands typically lose 80 to 90% of their customers in light of these heightened standards. With such a saturated e-commerce environment, top-tier service is even more vital to gaining a competitive edge, and optimizing your contact center is a great place to start. Does your call center reflect the high standards of your luxury brand?

To ensure that your luxury brand promotes a standard of exceptional quality within every customer interaction, you may need to address a few key issues that tend to be overlooked. Here are three elements of luxury call center service that need to be a part of your strategy moving forward:

1. Agents that embody the brand

The luxury brand call center experience is much more than a transaction with a higher price tag – customers expect the quality to seep across every aspect of the experience, especially when interacting with service representatives. This means that the skill sets and knowledge bases of your contact center agents are primary factors in the luxury brand equation, and you must strategically cultivate your workforce’s capabilities. According to Business News Daily, this will help agents internalize the luxury mentality that separates the customer experience from the rest of the pack. “When dealing with expensive items, it is important to portray trust and professionalism,” said Crown & Caliber CEO Hamilton Powell, according to the source. “Excellent customer service is the best way to put a customer at ease. Successful customer service representatives will portray empathy and will make the owner feel comfortable placing their beloved [luxury item] in safe hands.”

2. Case-by-case relationship building

Personalization is one of the main differentiators in the customer journey when interacting with a luxury brand, and strong case management is the best way to build memorable relationships that cultivate loyalty and combat attrition. When agents draw from organized records and histories in their customer interactions, individuals can enjoy faster, more precise resolutions, as well as a stronger connection to the brand. As a recent article from MyCustomer pointed out, well-timed follow-ups are also a powerful tool in the luxury call center arsenal, so don’t shy away from outbound contact.

3. Support across every major channel

Today’s consumers are on the cutting edge in terms of multi-channel communications and entertainment, and bring this standard of connectivity over to the world of customer service. Make sure that your luxury call center is equipped with the technologies and knowledgeable representatives necessary for facilitating the modern customer journey, including social media outlets and live chat channels. Business News Daily also urged you to explore different channels to further your brand’s prestige and build more dynamic connections. “It is difficult to build a strong rapport with a customer when the only form of communication is [digital],” continued Powell, according to the source. “Speaking with customers on the phone does take a bit more time than just emailing them, but it shows them they are worth the customer service representative’s time.” An article from ConverSocial noted that 33% of luxury consumers post their opinions of products on Facebook or Twitter, so keep your eyes and ears peeled with monitoring solutions if possible. With a strong service presence in every channel, your call center will have no problem living up to the standard of luxury your brand conveys.

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