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How to Outsource for Efficiency: BPO for Accuracy and Economy

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Think of the in-house resources you’d need to handle the task of entering and auditing information for 10,000 sales contracts per day. For starters, you’d need to budget for office space, employee salaries and benefits, hardware, software, and managers.

Achieve BPO efficiency, outsource for accuracy & economy.

Given all that, it’s no surprise that a leading financing organization outsources the task of sales reporting to Global Response. Not only is it more cost-efficient, but with the experience and training of the Global Response agents, the quality of work is higher than an in-house staff could achieve. Growing a long-term relationship For nearly 20 years, Global Response has been handling a variety of tasks in addition to sales reporting for this same client. Over that time, the relationship has evolved from data entry to include training, shared staff, and business intelligence. The sales reporting function is handled by a group of 30 Global Response agents, who are responsible for 25 percent of the client’s total sales reporting. There’s very low turnover in the group, with some agents having worked on the client’s business for 15 years. With that level of experience comes a great deal of trust between the client and the Global Response team, with the result that the call center’s responsibilities continue to grow. 

How BPO Influences Productivity

Accuracy and productivity are among the key benefits the client receives by outsourcing this business process to Global Response.

  • Agents reach an accuracy level of 99 percent on the information they enter. They audit their own work for completeness, accuracy, and adherence to regulations, and audit data entered by other organizations.
  • To reach productivity goals, each agent enters between 45 and 60 contracts in an hour. They also audit 55 contracts an hour. At that level of productivity, outsourcing the function to Global Response is far less costly for the client than hiring, training, and managing an in-house staff capable of being as productive.

Streamlined Efficiency With BPO

Paperless workflow increases efficiency Productivity for the group has increased even further with the implementation of a paperless system for receiving and processing faxes of hard-copy contracts. With the new system, both Global Response and the client have immediate access to digital copies of faxes, which eliminates delays in entering the information they contain and resolving any issues. The system also helps the group meet strict deadlines for entering information. Normally, all contracts must be entered within 24 hours of receiving them. But on the last three days of the month, in order to include all contracts received that month, the group must finish all the work it receives on a given day on that same day. To meet that goal, they often work until 10 p.m. and add as many as 15 agents to the group on a temporary basis. This flexibility to adjust staff size to match workload is another key benefit for the client. Making similar adjustments with an in-house staff—hiring and laying off employees each month—is not feasible. Instead, the flexibility of an outsourced staff enables the client to get the work done in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner. As the client has said to the supervisor of the Global Response group on many occasions, “Global Response is not a vendor; you’re our partner.”

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