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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Call Center to Mexico

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Considering outsourcing your call center to Mexico? If you’re landing on this page, then you’re probably: 

  • curious about nearshoring and wondering if it’s worth the hype 
  • looking for nearshoring locations and wondering which is best
  • comparing Mexico against other outsourcing locations and wondering what it uniquely has to offer
  • considering outsourcing to a Mexico call center as an alternative to an in-house team

Sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place. 

There’s plenty of reasons why in-house or domestic teams are difficult to manage in today’s marketplace—rising costs and shrinking budgets, large overhead and setup costs, a difficult labor market and challenges with scaling and flexibility all make in-house teams more difficult now than in the past. 

However, offshoring leaves a lot to be desired in many cases as well—offshoring to locations like India can result in language and cultural barriers that leave customers feeling disconnected and dissatisfied, can have quality and control issues, and create communication issues due to lack of proximity and disparate time zones.

So is a Mexico call center the best solution? It may be for your company, but we’ll show you how to decide. Here’s five reasons why you might want to outsource your call center to Mexico (and, at the end—how to know Mexico is the right call center location for you). 

1. Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your call center to Mexico is the cost savings, especially compared to in-house or domestic teams. Not only does Mexico have a lower cost of living than the US—resulting in lower labor costs and more affordable salaries—outsourcing also reduces your overhead, software, hiring and other workforce management costs.

Consider the following chart of costs you might incur when managing a call center in-house vs. outsourcing to Mexico: 

In-House Domestic Outsourcing to Mexico
expensive agent salaries  affordable per-agent rate
health and other benefits for employees setup / onboarding fee (in some cases) 
office space / leases and related overhead  
office setup costs   
call center software and technology  
hardware and setup costs  
employee technology and materials, such as laptops and headsets  
inbound and outbound calling fees, as well as other software service charges  

Not only does outsourcing offer more reliable and consistent pricing, it’s also more cost-effective. As a result, businesses can scale more easily and affordably. In addition, Mexico call centers also offer flexible solutions for staffing, scaling and hiring, so you can pay for only what you really need. 

The result? Cost-effective solutions that save you time and money, while delivering excellent results. 

2. Skilled Labor Force

Speaking of results, Mexico is one of the best outsourcing destinations for skilled workers and high-quality service. There’s a number of reasons why Mexico’s labor force and quality is higher than many other offshoring locations, including: 

Government and educational funding. Mexico’s focus on educating skilled laborers for international business and outsourcing efforts has resulted in a strong workforce that can really offer results. In addition, the education in Mexico—particularly for call centers and customer service roles—is strong, and allows employees to develop a real career path in customer service, driving higher-quality work. 

Large labor market. Currently, Mexico’s workforce is around 50 million employees, which gives US businesses outsourcing to Mexico access to a large recruitment pool that—perhaps most importantly—is not subject to the US market’s ebbs and flows. Not only does this make scaling and growing easier, it also means it’s more affordable and consistent. 

Cultural alignment. Since Mexico is so close to the US, there’s much fewer cultural barriers compared with offshoring locations such as India or the Philippines. For example, many of our Mexican call center agents spent time living, working or studying in the US at some point—some of them even grew up in the US. As a result, the cultural alignment between your outsourced team and your customers will be stronger, resulting in higher-quality connections and customer satisfaction. 

3. Proximity and Time Zone Compatibility

Proximity to the US doesn’t only offer benefits in terms of cultural alignment—it’s actually beneficial for everyone involved. Consider that proximity to your outsourced call center allows: 

  • greater control for you over your outsourcing team 
  • more accessibility to be involved in day-to-day operations 
  • greater ability for collaboration 
  • easier communication with similar time zones and cultural understandings 
  • similar time zones make it easier to meet in real-time and make decisions quickly

Think about it—if you need to visit your call center to offer guidance, ensure quality control or provide assistance, would you rather fly to the Philippines (16+ hour flight) or to Mexico (1-3 hour flight)? Would you rather have a 2am meeting due to time zone differences, or work with a team in a similar time zone to you? Are you more likely to be involved in your call center if they’re located just across the border or halfway around the globe? 

Proximity to your call center offers considerable benefits for teams who want (or need) to be involved in the day-to-day operation of their call center and collaborate to get the best results, quickly. And with a team in Mexico, you can get the best of the benefits that come with proximity without paying a premium for a domestic team.   

4. Language Fluency

Proximity also strengthens linguistic fluency, which is certainly the case in Mexico. 

If you’re looking for the highest-quality English-language speakers without paying a premium for domestic staffing, Mexico is a great solution. Due to the proximity to the US, and the fact that many agents have spent time working or living in the US, most Mexican agents have a high level of linguistic and cultural fluency for US English. 

Even better—the vast majority of Mexican agents are bilingual in at least Spanish and English—meaning that you can expand your services (offering bilingual or multilingual customer service), thus offering better customer experiences for your current audience. You can also work on expanding your customer base once you have access to bilingual service and support.

Currently, around 42 million US residents speak Spanish, which means you could be missing out on—or under-serving—a large population of your audience if you don’t offer bilingual services. And while you can certainly find bilingual agents in other locations, there may be other challenges. For example, US agents who are bilingual tend to command premium salaries, while offshore bilingual agents are likely bilingual in languages that aren’t as relevant in the US. 

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5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Finally, outsourcing to a Mexico call center offers legal and regulatory compliance that other locations simply can’t (or don’t) offer. 

For one, Mexican call centers are used to working with—even designed for working with—US businesses, so they’re familiar with US legal and business regulations. Again, proximity plays a role here—with Mexico being so close to the US, it’s a lot easier to develop working partnerships that meet US standards. 

Similarly, industry regulations such as HIPAA are easier to find with Mexican call centers, since they are catering to a US audience. In addition, all of the call center infrastructure and technology caters to, and benefits, a US market. What’s more, the direct land connection between the US and Mexico allows for more stable and secure infrastructure, something that other locations simply can’t provide. 

Outsourcing to Mexico also comes with tax benefits for US businesses, not to mention a favorable exchange rate. All this to say—the benefits of outsourcing to Mexico aren’t just visible in your results, your costs, your quality or your customer service—they’re also visible in the profitability, security and foundation of your business. 

Can Outsourcing to Mexico Really Be Successful? A Real-Life Example

So, outsourcing to Mexico can provide you with cost-savings, increased flexibility and scalability, and higher-quality agents—but does all of this really add up to better results?

The short answer: yes.

With our nearshoring teams in Mexico, we at Global Response have helped dozens of companies, like ASICS, achieve measurable results such as: 

  • 130% increase in online sales
  • 40% improvement in speed of answer
  • scaling customer service to meet a sudden 80% increase in customer communications
  • implementing omnichannel solutions to boost customer satisfaction

With Global Response, you can also use a hybrid or blended model, making use of the best of both worlds by having your team housed in one or more locations. For example, many of our clients have a blended model that makes use of both our onshore and nearshore teams. 

And with 40+ years of experience behind our call center outsourcing, you’ll know you have a team you can trust—no matter where they’re located. 

Is Outsourcing to a Mexico Call Center Right for You?

The final verdict—you should consider outsourcing your call center to Mexico if: 

  • you’re looking for an affordable, yet high-quality solution to scale up your customer service operations 
  • you want to grow your business into new areas, or expand customer service, with multilingual agents 
  • you need a highly secure and regulated solution for outsourcing that will offer consistent and reliable service 
  • you want a team nearby that will offer you proximity and control, without paying a premium for onshore agents 

If any of the above sound like you—or if you just want to see how outsourcing to Mexico can help your business—connect with an expert from Global Response. We have decades of experience with call centers and customer experience, and we’re here to give you—and your customers—the best solutions possible. 

Want to see how Mexican outsourcing can strengthen your results? Connect with our team and we’ll show you how. 

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