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What is SOC 2 Compliance? Your Questions Answered

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A Service Organization Control (SOC) is a detailed written report that outlines the state of customer data within your organization. 

In days when data breaches are common and costly, it’s vital that you only work with a SOC 2 certified contact center.

How Does Being SOC 2 Compliant Protect Customer’s Personal Information?

SOC2 Compliance involves having standardized and compliant protocols, infrastructure, software, training, hiring, and data management. SOC 2 certification is obtained from a CPA who works with a team of industry and security experts to establish that these systems are in place.

SOC 2 itself is broken into two parts: SOC 2 type 1 vs type 2. There are two options for auditing service organizations:

  1. a) Type I: A partner company receives a legally-binding agreement called a SOC 2 report that lays out the design of security processes operating at a specified date. It provides the blueprint behind existing policies, internal controls, and operating procedures.
  2. b) Type II: The partner receives ongoing reports on how effective those controls are over time (usually 6 months).

A SOC 2 report also outlines the other elements of security, including availability, processing integrity, privacy, and confidentiality. Safeguards involve not only technology, but Brand Specialists who are trained to skillfully and mindfully keep customer data safe.

How Does SOC2 Compliance Apply to Call Centers?

A customer contact center manages every aspect of the customer journey. Customers expect a customer service representative to have access to their data so that they can best help them. 

When customers trust a business, they:

  • Spend more money
  • Buy more often
  • Recommend the brand to others

How Does Being SOC 2 Compliant Protect Customers’ Personal Information?

A call center with SOC 2 certification follows a SOC 2 compliance checklist that involves the seamless integration of customer relationship management portals and software into existing systems. This includes industry-leading safety measures like top-of-the-line firewalls and malware protection.

A SOC 2 compliant contact center must also demonstrate the following through the SOC 2 report:

  • Establish and enforce security protocols around everything from how client data is handled to the way information and access to information are tracked to when.
  • Employ state-of-the-art training for employees to ensure that all people involved know security risks, procedures, and protocols
  • Undergo extensive real-time and historical auditing to ensure those procedures are followed
  • Promote a culture of compliance and dedication to customer and client security.

Global Response is a SOC 2 certified contact center that employs these and other security measures.

How Does Global Response Deliver Call Center Services That Customers Can Trust?

Global Response is your SOC 2 Certified contact center partner. A call center partner with SOC 2 compliance benefits your brand and customers.

  • Building and Maintaining Customer Trust: Businesses and their customers need to know call centers are keeping their data safe. Global Response’s investment in becoming SOC 2 Type II compliant is a testament to its commitment to safeguarding its partners’ data.
  • Effectively Managing Risk: When you work with a SOC 2 Compliant Contact Center, it helps you better identify, prioritize and mitigate risk as an organization.
  • Specializing in Multiple Industry Verticals: With trusted expertise in many industry verticals, education, healthcare, B2B, financial and more, Global Response understands and is prepared to meet your business’ needs. We can design a customized security architecture to meet compliance standards which will help your business maintain full industry compliance.

Global Response is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. Security and compliance are both essential to providing exceptional customer experiences and reducing risk to your business. To learn more about how working with Global Response can help your business thrive in a data security and compliance-focused age while building memorable customer experiences, contact us today!

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