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Boost Your Sales with an Outbound Contact Center

Call centers are often thought of as companies that specifically handle customer complaints and field inquiries. While this is true, these are not the only tasks that call centers can assist companies with. A contact center can focus on outbound communication as well. An outbound call center is a call center that makes outgoing calls for a company or organization. Outbound call centers largely focus on aiding companies in selling products or services. Because of this, it is possible to boost your sales with an outbound contact center.


With all of the technology and systems available, it is possible to grow your business when partnering with an outbound contact center. Some of the tasks that an outbound contact centers can assist with are:

  1. List generation & verification – Contact centers that focus on outbound communication, such as Global Response, are skilled in updating old contact lists that a company may have. Brand specialists have the ability to potentially re-engage past customers, as well as generate new lists of customers that match any set of given parameters.
  2. Appointment setting – One of the most beneficial tasks offered by an outsourced customer support service is appointment setting. The ability to set appointments (either virtual or in-person) on behalf of clients greatly increases the number of potential customers, as well as the overall sales a company can gain.
  3. Sales calls in any industry – Using a predetermined script outlined with key talking points ensures that effective, successful sales calls can be made, regardless of the industry. Whether a company sells a service or a physical product, having the opportunity for additional sales calls is extremely beneficial.

Contrary to overwhelming belief, outbound call centers do not do telemarketing. These contact centers can handle client follow-up calls, can contact past clients regarding new offers and can even handle surveys or questionnaire type calls with current customers. Just as with an inbound call center, the parameters and focus can be customized when working with an outbound call center, which essentially allows you to create an extension of your business.


In addition to the tasks listed above, here are several reasons why it is possible to boost sales with an outbound contact center:

  1. 24/7 customer service – Having an outbound contact center handle customer communication means that a company is no longer confined to standard business hours. This means that customers can contact that business at any time throughout the day.
  2. Employ the newest technology – The latest technology is used to stay on top of trends, which allows call centers to reach the maximum number of potential customers.
  3. Access to a CRM system – Constant access to a company’s CRM system is vital so that all-important details of a potential client interaction can be entered immediately. This can include setting reminders to follow up at a later date, which increases efficiency, and ultimately, sales.


With the outsourced customer support services that are available, it is absolutely possible to boost your sales with an outbound contact center. Having a company with extensive experience and access to the latest technology and systems available can create opportunities that a single company alone could not. Grow your company and your sales with an outbound contact center that speaks your brand.

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