Benefit 2: Boosts Effectiveness by Aligning Schedules of Workforce Management

Earlier this week’s latest Best Practices series, “5 Benefits of Workforce Management for the Contact Center“, we spoke about Benefit 1: Forecasting Drives Service Levels

The second of five benefits of Workforce Management (WFM) is about aligning your scheduling.

2. Boosts Effectiveness by Aligning Scheduling

  • Scheduling is an important tool to increase productivity and lower attrition.
  • Creative shifts – shift swapping, voluntary time off, off queue projects and overtime – are game changers for a program when properly and consistently used by WFM.
    • This includes efficient management of time off requests from a business needs perspective.

Workforce Management is essentially a management tool for the contact center, assessing data, analyzing it, providing guidance into it; and, based on that information, telling it how to operate and at what strength.

Yet despite the importance of WMF, only 51 percent of contact centers report having a manager or team to oversee this function, according to ICMI.

Aligning Scheduling with help productivity at work

These 5 Benefits of Workforce Management can give you an idea of how this practice will benefit the contact center.

See Thursday’s blog for Benefit 3: Real Time Analysis Provides Efficiency Gains.


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