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Converting Customer Complaints into Sales with Call Center Software

When a customer contacts a company’s customer service department, it is often because they are experiencing a problem. Order delays, technical issues and more can be the source of many customer inquiries.  Some companies see these contacts as a negative. However, it can be quite the opposite: each of these contacts is an opportunity to convert a customer complaint into a sale.

At Global Response, our clients and their customers are our top priority. Everything we do is to ensure their success and to create a positive customer experience. In order to convert customer complaints into sales, you need to view every interaction as an opportunity. Here are the three most important things to keep in mind when resolving customer complaints:


  • Train agents to expertly handle customer contacts.


Agents, or Brand Specialists as they are called at Global Response, need to have the knowledge to be able to answer any questions that may come up. However, true success goes way beyond that. It is essential that Brand Specialists are empowered to meet the customer’s needs and achieve first contact resolution. If a customer needs to be put on hold several times while an answer is reached, this will only frustrate them more. By offering help or a solution quickly, the customer feels confident in what the business or brand can do for them, and they will remember that long after the interaction.


  • Focus on the customer, not the problem.


A person contacting a call center for assistance may be emotional and upset.  Empathizing is essential to decreasing their anger and de-escalation. Agents must do what they can to connect with them and to show that their needs are heard and understood. If someone feels that they are being understood and well taken care of, it is much easier for them to form a relationship with the company, which results in loyalty and future sales.


  • Use the appropriate call center technology.


When businesses trust us with their customer care outsourcing, we want to prove that they have made the right decision. That is why the call center software that we use at Global Response offers the greatest benefits to them and their customers. We make solving a customer complaint a simple and convenient process. This includes making all contact channels accessible to customers, and leveraging technology to enable agents to deliver exceptional experiences.

The process of converting customer complaints into sales can’t be accomplished overnight, but it is well worth the time and effort. By having agents that are expertly trained, focusing on the person instead of the problem and leveraging the call center software, complaints can be transformed into opportunities to make sales and build loyalty.

Some companies feel that there is a potential to lose the brand experience when it comes to customer care outsourcing, but that is not the case. At Global Response, we are an extension of your business. We take pride in our clients’ mission and work to fulfill that on a daily basis. Creating an excellent customer service experience is our top priority, and converting customer complaints into sales is a testament to that. When it comes to customer care outsourcing, Global Response takes every opportunity to turn any negative experience into a positive one. Our Brand Specialists connect with customers in a way that enhances your brand experience. Converting customer complaints into sales is an essential skill for call centers, and Global Response can deliver these transformative customer experiences.

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