Tip 2: Design Customer Experience Transformation for Customer Retention

Customer Retention strategies can be facilitated in the contact center by designing transformational customer experiences.

This is the focus of Tip 2, below, in this week’s Best Practices series. Monday, we looked at Tip 1: Be Proactive.

Tip 2: Design Customer Experience Transformation

Training Brand Specialists to provide elements of a transformational customer experience in every customer contact as needed invites a continuous process to turn perception around.

Components include:

  • Connect with the customer through active listening, being patient and expressing empathy. It is important to build rapport with the customer.
  • Assess each transaction to determine “What can we do to make it right” and how to do it within policy. It’s more about making the situation right than giveaways.
  • Wow the Customer. Exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • Complete the interaction on the first contact. Reduce customer effort.

customer experience transformation strategy Take the stress out of customer experience strategy

Customer acquisition is expensive.

Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than retaining current customers, according to Forrester Research. They like your product and service for a reason and understanding customer motivation is essential to preserving revenue.

There are customer retention techniques to keep as many customers as you can.

And using those techniques is well worth it.

See Wednesday’s blog for Tip 3: Create Opportunity to “Retain Customers”.

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