Five Key Takeaways from the Operations Summit 2014

Global Response has returned from the third annual Operations Summit, held April 22-24 in Indianapolis, IN. There we connected with experts working with eCommerce and catalog brands regarding their best practices in operational excellence.

Global Response at Operations Summit 2014

We were able to share our knowledge and gather insights from operators in areas such as: order management, fulfillment, technology, transportation, customer service, workforce management, and fraud prevention.

Andrew Alles, our VP of Business Development summarized the show:

“This year’s Operations Summit was a great opportunity for brands, operators and service providers to meet and exchange ideas.  Providing more effective service from the customer experience back through the supply chain was the central theme.  Going forward, we expect that closer integration of services will yield more efficiencies, more data and higher levels of brand satisfaction.” – Andrew Alles

Five Key Elements

Additionally, the show presented five key takeaways that all direct-to-consumer businesses can implement now:

  • The customer experience is your brand’s key differentiator
    As we learned from attending the Customer Experience Summit, how your clientele perceive your brand is, in fact, your brand. So offering stellar service, quick and accurate fulfillment, and a seamless eCommerce experience are all steps to help keep your customers coming back and bringing their friends.
  • More customers have moved toward self-service
    “The lower the customer’s effort to get a resolution – the higher the customer’s loyalty.” Making it easy for the customers with first-call-resolution inside the contact center. The better the brand loyalty is going to be.
  • Social media can be more than just a marketing channel
    One in three social media users prefers customer care via social media. As your brand’s digital footprint grows, having a partner assist your team in monitoring and managing your brand online can help in two ways. First, you can provide immediate customer response and second, you can take action from customer feedback to improve your business. Read more about this topic in our recent blog post.
  • Hiring strategies for your peak season and the long-term
    Having a strong business requires that you have the right staff, both internally and in outsourced partners. With this in mind, some questions answered during the conference include:

    • How do you hire people that are the right fit for the job?
      Fit is just as important as competency” – First look for a cultural fit, then work on the process. If your employees have the right attitude that fits with your larger culture, then they will be able to assist your company through good and fair times.
    • How do you staff up for peak season? 
      Staffing up for peak season should be a consideration your Human Resource department is gearing towards year round. Additionally, supplementing customer care and other business practices through outsourced partners can help take the stress out of staffing up for season.
  • Globalization of your eCommerce business:
    Diversification and growth of your business is now more attainable than ever with the rise of eCommerce. But, how do you staff for your multilingual footprint while providing operational insights gained from regional deployments to the brand? The solution is to partner with functional outsourced experts to let your business focus on their core strength. This can take the form of a multilingual contact center, marketing agency, 3PL partner etc.

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