Four Advantages of Outsourcing to a Domestic Call Center

Why staying close to home can mean a better relationship
and better customer care


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Domestic Call Center Agents

In this age of worldwide phone service, teleconferencing and the internet, the location of your call center may seem unimportant. It’s not. Selecting a domestic call center where the lion’s share of your customers are has some pretty clear advantages. Many of those advantages have been well documented, but here are a few that may not immediately come to mind.

Superior In-Market Knowledge

Knowledge of purchase behavior, culture and business practices all help a call center understand customers and communicate effectively with them. For international clients, an especially valuable role a domestic call center can play is being an advisor on U.S. business and retailing practices.

A domestic call center shouldn’t assume that international retailers are familiar with the cultural aspects and practices around U.S. retailing events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The call center should act as their U.S. consumer liaison, offering advice on buying habits, how best to boost sales, how to differentiate themselves from the competition and more.

Ease of Training

For a U.S.-based client, visiting a domestic call center is easy to do and a way to ensure clear, in-person communication about products, processes and the brand. Clients can participate in structuring and conducting the training without trying to fit long trips into their schedules.

They can bring a range of products to demonstrate and discuss with agents and can observe first-hand how well agents are understanding key brand and product messages, features and benefits.

It’s also easy to return whenever necessary to train agents on new product lines and easier to train them in person on technology such as order management systems (OMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Nuanced Brand Familiarity

Agents who have seen, held and tried a product themselves are better able to advise customers on product selection. Agents who know products well can engage in consultative selling and increase customer satisfaction by helping ensure customers buy the right product. In addition, being in closer contact with both product managers and call center managers helps agents understand a brand’s personality better.

The ability to communicate product and process can improve the customer experience and boost brand loyalty.

Efficient Communication

With typically no more than a three-hour time difference, a U.S.-based client can benefit from same-day communication with its call center, which enables the client to quickly address issues and solve customer problems.

In contrast, dealing with a time difference of eight hours or more means many problems can’t be resolved the same day.

The improved responsiveness that comes with a domestic call center can deliver improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation. These advantages apply to multiple channels of communication, including phone calls, live chat, emails and social media interactions.

There’s No Place Like Home

In the end, companies find that working with a domestic call center pays off with well-trained agents, a stronger brand identity, accessibility, and more effective communication that improves customer care and solves problems quickly.

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