How to Get the Most Out of Your Call Center

Business structure changes as a company grows. Areas of the company begin to specialize. And with each milestone passed, these changes are all about efficiency.

Specialization maximizes productivity. It helps you deliver the best customer care to every customer. Dedicated call centers can be optimized to help you meet KPIs.

Knowing the purpose of call centers and what our goals are, let’s look at how to get the most out of your call center.

What Is the Role of the Call Center?

The primary goal of any call center should be to expand your customer base and, in turn, the revenues that base generates. Your customer base grows not just through marketing and a sales department. It grows as customers consistently experience a passionate and well-trained customer service team.

A quality call center team achieves that through the following:

  • Supporting and retaining customers
  • Solving customer problems
  • Meeting business goals (For example, increase AOV/CLV. Shorten the sales cycle. Increase customer conversion rate. Improve net promoter score). Your call center should help you meet your sales and marketing teams’ KPIs.
  • Improving availability (after hours & omnichannel)
  • Leveraging customer data to personalize and enhance the customer experience

Call center outsourcing solutions are the best way to achieve this.

How Can I Improve My Customer Service Through a Call Center?

In order to improve a contact center, leadership must be committed to the following:

  • Anticipating volume and planning accordingly
  • Identifying and adapting to key metrics
  • Improving staff retention through strong hiring, coaching and management processes
  • Integrating effective CRM systems
  • Quality assurance
  • Expanding capabilities through outsourcing and integration of advanced technologies that keep the company competitive.

Strong leadership is how you get the most out of your call center. Partner with a top call center outsourcing company to build a customer- and brand-centric culture specialized to meet company goals.

How Further Specialization Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Call Center

Contact center outsourcing solutions allow you to further specialize and in turn enhance the customer experience. Global Response specializes in contact center outsourcing services. It’s what we do. We’ve invested in people and technology to deliver a memorable, branded experience to your customers. We help you get the most out of your call center in several important ways.

Meeting Measurable Goals

The impact that quality call center outsourcing solutions have on your customer service and business goals isn’t abstract. It’s measurable. Here are just some ways we can measure:

  • Better customer experience as measured through key customer service metrics including reduced wait time, handle time or CSAT depending on your goals.
  • Reduced call severity. When well-trained, enthusiastic and engaged Brand Specialists manage each customer contact and focus on first-contact resolution the result is fewer repeat contacts and escalations.
  • Increase in AOV and Revenues. Global Response does this in two primary ways. 
    • 1: We use real-time technology that puts usable data into the hands of a Brand Specialists. With it, they know exactly how to increase AOV and meet other business goals. 
    • 2: Brand Specialists are dedicated to your brand. They’re passionate about it and can talk about your products and services because they know every line, SKU and feature.
  • Improved net promoter score. The higher your score, the more people are encouraging their friends and family to choose you through channels like social media and word-of-mouth. 

Being Accessible to Customers

Global Response’s call center outsourcing services team integrates advanced, fully-customized omnichannel CRM technology into your systems. And our Brand Specialists know how to make the most of this technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences across channels.

So no matter which way a customer contacts you (call, text, chat, social media, email), they get the same branded experience. No matter when they need help, a dedicated representative is ready to assist.

Getting the Best People Into Customer Service Roles

Effective customer service takes dedication, patience and an inherent enthusiasm for helping others. Global Response is committed to recruiting and training this kind of person. Our Brand Specialists are passionate about your brand. We apply stringent hiring and training procedures, and build or expand each team with a combination of new and experienced Brand Specialists.

Gaining Deeper Insights and Learnings

A contact center is a dynamic entity. And looking at the big picture is key to making the most of call center metrics and customer insights. Global Response continually gathers and analyzes data to find opportunities for growth, raising the bar again and again, expanding capabilities and customer service outsourcing ROI.

Are you ready to make the most of your call center? Contact us to learn how we can help you deliver a better customer experience.

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