How to support, enhance and elevate the mobile customer experience through your contact center

Mobile shopping is here to stay and growing rapidly. Need proof? According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, by mid-afternoon on Cyber Monday this year, 7.5% of all sales had been generated from a mobile device, with 2.75% coming specifically from an Apple iPad. That’s up 250% over the 2010 results. For EBay’s PayPal unit, payments made on mobile devices increased 514% on Cyber Monday from a year earlier.

With smart phones and tablets at the top of so many holiday wish lists, the growth in mobile shopping will only accelerate in 2012. In fact, the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com, has even priced their new Kindle Fire tablet device at or near the break-even point in an effort to get consumers conditioned to walking around with their own personal Amazon ordering device.

Customer Support for Mobile Apps and More

As your partner in delivering a great customer experience, your call center needs to be ready and able to provide high-quality, high-touch support for your mobile shoppers. If you don’t already have a strategy for making that possible, here are some pointers on getting started.

  • Provide your call center representatives with mobile devices—smart phones and tablets—running your company’s application. This ensures they can replicate your customers’ experience and deliver superior support.
  • Research, implement and manage a platform for mobile emulation (device emulator, browser emulator, or operating system emulator) so that agents can, on their desktop, duplicate the customer’s experience and see exactly what the customer is seeing so they can provide clear, accurate support.
  • Work with your call center managers to develop an overarching strategy for mobile support. Identify and monitor mobile-related customer support issues, read reviews of your app, communicate with developers to quickly address issues with the app, publicize updates that fix problems, etc.

Supporting Mobile to Build Your Brand

An effective support program for mobile shoppers has all the benefits of your existing support program for online and call-in shoppers. It can increase sales, take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities, explain and clarify policies, and be a tremendous help in the overarching goals of building your brand and your business.

Do you already have a mobile strategy in place at your call center? How is it helping you deliver support to customers who are using this increasingly important channel?

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