Brand Specialist

Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services

Your phone. Your chat support button. Your email and social media interactions. All critical touch points where your customer experiences your brand.

Your website, catalog and marketing campaigns sell your products and services while establishing and promoting your brand personality. When consumers respond, they expect to engage with a representative of your company and have an experience that reinforces your relationship with their brand. At Global Response, that’s exactly the experience our Brand Specialists deliver.

Whatever industry you’re in — luxury brands, automotive, omni-channel retailing, healthcare, education – we offer the full range of inbound call center services. We can help you increase sales, delight customers and reinforce brand loyalty. We strive to reduce customer effort and consistently deliver on your brand promise in every interaction with your customers.


Global Response is The Experience Center for many of the world’s exceptional brands. Our inbound call centers specialize in providing solutions that are highly customizable, responsive to change and are infused with our Brand Centric culture. How does inbound call center outsourcing work?

Our dedicated teams of Brand Specialists, recruited by Global Response specifically for our partners’ accounts, create the customer experience tailored to your Brand’s requirements.

In-house and client-site training, quality assurance and Brand passion empower our specialists to engage customers and provide exceptional customer service, sales, order management and tech support. We provide our inbound call center services on your customers’ preferred channels, including phone, email, chat or social media.

Technology, such as Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Calabrio workforce management software, power Global Response operations. We integrate effectively with your platforms and we customize our workflows to support your business. Real-time reporting and analytics paint a clear picture of your account operations and offer business insights.

Our Business Intelligence methods measure customer satisfaction in terms such as Net Promoter Score.

We align with third-party rating services, including StellaService, to ensure our inbound call center services provide a high level of customer engagement.

Global Response believes in low customer effort, high quality engagements with an emphasis on first contact resolution.

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