IRCE 2015: Ecommerce Call Center Strategies Examined

IRCE 2015 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago
IRCE 2015 sessions included technology, customer service and social media strategies for ecommerce.

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) has been the world’s foremost e-commerce networking event since it first began in 2008.

Since then, the IRCE has steadily grown in size and influence with each passing year, with the largest ever attendance in Chicago this year. This record-breaking turnout was treated to a wealth of workshops, lectures and info sessions covering every facet of the modern e-commerce environment.

With over 200 experts speaking and dozens of mini-events, this was an opportunity that no online retailer can afford to miss.

While the IRCE covered a wide range of topics, call center executives had to pinpoint some specialized sessions to attend over the course of the event.

Here is a quick look at three sessions that were relevant for building and improving an e-commerce call center strategy.


Leading call center strategists know that staying on tech’s cutting edge is a requirement for success in an e-commerce landscape, and adopting innovative solutions can truly set a brand apart. That’s why an event titled “Single View of the Customer: Advanced Analytics, Personalization, CRM” was a hugely valuable chance for managers to learn about the biggest trends influencing call centers today. The session covered a handful of unique advancements to promote next-level customer experiences.

For instance, the program previewed how CRM, unified desktop solutions and integrated knowledge base systems are being designed to enable and empower agents. Recording and analytics systems are coming closer to capturing the true Voice of the Customer. This multi-faceted look at contact center technology is invaluable for any customer service leader.

Customer service

In the world of e-commerce, customer feedback is worth its weight in gold, but unless a call center has the tools and techniques to turn these data sets into actionable strategies, it won’t be able to achieve its maximum potential.

In a workshop called “Customer Service: Help for Customers Feedback for Retailers = Benefits for Both,” attendees discovered the most effective approaches to gathering, organizing and utilizing customer feedback to create the best possible experience at every stage of the consumer journey.

The program highlighted the strategies of Blinds.com, an online retailer that excels in the art and science of feedback integration and service optimization. Workshop participants found out how Blinds.com makes the most of its customers’ comments and critiques while constantly refining its winning formula.

With these insights, call centers gained an understanding of best practices for feedback collection and utilization, and found out how to turn these valuable resources into a workable game plan for continuous improvement.

Social media

Forward-thinking retailers are well aware of social media’s power in the context of customer support, although many still wonder how to make the most of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to drive service quality and create stronger marketing campaigns.

This was the focus of a workshop titled “Social Media for Customer Service: Measuring Performance for Maximum Value,” in which a range of best practices were explored. From specific metrics to overarching performance goals, attendees discovered what it takes to fuel a winning social media service strategy.

The program revealed how measurements in the social media domain can also be tied to marketing efforts, as these channels offer relevant and timely insights into the thoughts and actions of the customer base. With a plan to maximize the potential of these platforms, retailers can gain a significant competitive advantage in years to come.

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