Operations Summit 2015 – Preview from the Call Center

MultiChannel Merchant’s Operations Summit – one of the nation’s premier operations and fulfillment trade show events – is in Louisville, KY April 14-16. Operations and fulfillment management representatives from across the country are gearing up for four days of rich learning and networking opportunities with other leaders in their fields. Speakers will cover topics ranging from packaging and inventory to delivery and returns, and with a wealth of compelling workshops to choose from, there will surely be something for everyone in this feature-packed experience.

Operations Summit 2015Customer service strategists in particular can look forward to the event, as this year’s Operations Summit includes a lecture track dedicated to call center operations and customer experience improvement. Here is a look at the some of the unique opportunities that will be available over these four days and what customer care professionals can expect to take away:

Transitioning across borders
Many organizations are eager to take their businesses to the next level by expanding their operations and moving into new territory, whether that means a different region or country altogether. These are exciting opportunities for executives and stakeholders alike, but many business leaders don’t realize that customer service is one of the more challenging aspects of managing this transition. “The Ecommerce Horizon: Building the Right Roadmap for your Cross-Border Journey” aims to guide decision-makers in their efforts to grow their brands while maintaining superior customer care.

Taking on the social sphere
Leaders in the field of customer experience recognize social media as an integral part of the modern service equation, but some contact center operations are struggling to take advantage of these opportunities despite widespread excitement and momentum. A workshop titled “Going Social (and Digital): Owning It in the Contact Center” will explore the exact role that social should play in today’s customer experience and what contact center leaders can do to ensure they stay on top of these trends with the best technology, training and operational strategies.

Choosing service metrics wisely
Every contact center manager can attest to the importance of metrics in the optimization of their efforts, but with the digitization of the customer experience, operations have been so saturated with data that it can be hard to make sense of this information in an applicable manner. “Knowing What to Measure: Tracking Metrics That Matter in the Contact Center,” is an event that will highlight the essential performance indicators in the modern contact center, keeping managers properly informed to craft the ultimate customer experience.

If you are attending this year’s Operations Summit, come and visit our team at Exhibit #406, we can discuss our contact center services and how we may be helpful to your organization.

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