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Perception vs. Reality of Outsources Call Centers

When it comes to outsourced call centers, many people have an altered or antiquated vision of what the business actually looks like and how it operates. Unlike other businesses that customers visit regularly, call centers do not often have many visitors, so there generally aren’t opportunities to experience how energetic and advanced call centers actually are. Oftentimes, outsourced call centers are perceived in a negative light, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The perception vs the reality of outsourced call centers is at two complete ends of the spectrum. People may envision a scenario they may have seen on television or in a film years ago, and assume that is how call centers have always operated. However, just as the business world has evolved and grown over the last several decades, so too have call centers. It’s time to paint a clearer picture of the reality of a current-day outsourced call center.


Outsourced call centers are large, nondescript warehouses with hundreds of phones ringing all day.


Outsourced call centers are exciting places to work and use highly advanced technology and systems to communicate over a variety of channels with customers.

Many call centers, Global Response included, offer clients a complete list of services to build a well-rounded customer experience. The work outsourced call centers do goes far beyond answering phone calls. Call centers have the ability to make sales calls, offer technical support, online chat support, social media monitoring, and so much more. All of the services provided are integrated into a client’s existing infrastructure, helping the call center and the client to work hand in hand. The work call centers handle not only offers solutions to customer inquiries efficiently, but also effectively helps to increase sales, and grow brand loyalty through a variety of platforms.


The employees do not care about their jobs at call centers and are not invested in the work they are doing. 


The Brand Specialists at Global Response are highly immersed in a client’s brand experience and view their work as a career, not just a job.

At Global Response, our brand specialists work in tandem with a company to help carry out the brand message and improve the overall brand experience. All of our employees are highly incentivized, and invested in the work they are handling each day. There is a great sense of responsibility for the company they represent. Brand Specialists are able to participate in workplace challenges and additional training is constantly provided to help to continue the growth of their career.


If customers don’t interact with an employee of the brand directly, they receive an impersonal experience.


Those working at outsourced call centers often act as an extension of a business, so many customers that interact with them do not know if they are direct employees or not.

While Global Response as a whole handles the customer service needs of many companies daily, each employee works specifically with one brand, not all of them. At Global Response, each of our employees goes through an extensive training program to become a brand specialist for a dedicated, chosen brand. Because of this, each specialist is able to genuinely connect to what they are doing, and work closely with the brand to create a positive customer service experience. Establishing that connection with their work is an essential and crucial part of encouraging the highest level of customer care.

The fact is that when most companies or businesses envision how an outsourced call center looks, feels, and operates, they are holding onto images from the past. Outsourced call centers have advanced over their history, and are constantly evolving and offering new and exciting services to enhance the brand experience for clients and customers alike. Call centers are far from the strictly inbound call centers of the past. Today, outsourced call centers are thriving hubs with employees working with brands they love, that are dedicated to the growth and overall success of their partners.

Global Response works to make sure that everyone involved benefits from the systems in place. Clients benefit from the extensive menu of available services and system integration. Additionally, Brand Specialists benefit from continued training and incentives for hard work. Finally, customers benefit from the combination of everyone working together to create a well-rounded, positive customer experience.

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