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Pro Tips To Wow Your Customers With Live Chat Support

When it comes to customer service, convenience is a key factor. In recent years, one of the most highly sought after services that offers customers the convenience they crave, is live chat support. Live chat support is a service that Global Response suggests that all clients consider, as it not only benefits their customers, but also reflects very positively on them as a company. In staying at the forefront of industry trends, companies have the opportunity to really wow customers with live chat support.

Over the last several years, live chat support has been proven to be an extremely beneficial service that companies can provide to their clients. As customers are busier than ever, live chat support offers the convenience of having problems resolved with very little inconvenience. While it is a sought after service, it is crucial that companies take the proper steps to set up a system that runs smoothly. If companies really want to wow their customers with the live chat support they provide, it is best to turn to the professionals. 

Providing a convenient, simple way for customers to reach companies and receive resolutions to their inquiries often leads to faster problem resolution, as well as an overall improved brand experience. Live chat support is very beneficial, as it allows specialists to assist several customers at once, and creates many more opportunities for positive customer interactions.

Customers are always looking for their problems to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through years of industry experience, we’ve put together some pro tips on how to wow your customers with live chat support:

  1. Chat support must be mobile friendly – Making sure that live chat options are available on mobile devices is crucial, as many people are accessing live chat through smartphones. Many customers use their phone vs a computer out of convenience, and this needs to be taken into account.
  2. Aim for short response times – Customers do not want to have to wait to hear back from a chat inquiry. Ideally, chat support response times should be under five minutes. Anything longer than that may frustrate customers and have a negative effect.
  3. Offer 24/7 availability – Schedules and availability vary from person to person and your customers need to be able to reach someone at their convenience. Don’t make them wait for “business hours.”
  4. Use cross-platform communication – In the event a live chat cuts out and customers have to reach out again, or through another communication channel, make sure all chat information is stored so customers don’t have to repeat themselves or re-explain an issue.
  5. Work to create a memorable experience – The customer service experience is becoming much more experiential vs transactional, and it is something that customers put a lot of emphasis on. This means businesses ought to, as well. Brand value is now being determined through every interaction and contact point a customer has with a company. Creating a personalized experience when it comes to live chat support should be top of mind. 

Customers are not the only ones that benefit from live chat support. Companies that offer live chat options to their customers greatly benefit from this service as well. Live chat support, when done right, affords companies opportunities for increased sales, reduced expenses, and a huge competitive advantage over other companies in their industry in terms of customer care.

The customer service goal of any company should be to provide customers with the best experience possible. With convenience being the overall benchmark, it is no wonder that so many turn to online chat support when in need of customer service. By following these pro tips to wow your customers with live chat support, companies can ensure that their customers have a positive experience with each and every interaction.

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