5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Call Center QBR. 1: Know Your Audience

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is a scheduled opportunity for contact center and client operations executives to review a snapshot of the business.  A QBR tells the story of an account’s quarterly performance through metrics review, continuous improvement programs, operational attributes, quarterly successes, performance against financial goals and a forward look to initiatives in the next quarter.  It is essential to understand operational performance as it relates to the underlying set of business policies.  Preparing a comprehensive QBR takes skill and experience as it is designed to deliver actionable insights. It requires distillation and analysis of data that ties performance to specific underlying factors.  It also presents the opportunity for the executive teams to appreciate their relationship. Following is the first of 5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Contact Center QBR:

1. Know your QBR audience

In preparing for a Quarterly Business Review, focus on what that client prefers as the most significant data points in a format that conveys the information efficiently.

  • Content is what matters and the correct formatting of data, whether it be graphs, charts or bullet lists, is essential to consider when conveying the information.
  • Determine the data intensity – the density – preferred by your audience. Try to understand where the decision points are. Draw a clear line from policy to result. In doing so, you make it easy to present opportunities for change.


See Tuesday’s Blog for Tip 2.

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