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The 5 Things Inbound Call Center Agents Should Be Doing

At Global Response our teams of dedicated Brand Specialists strive to build positive engagements and customer loyalty with every interaction. From its 45 years of experience working with such a great variety of industries, Global Response selected five relevant steps to help teams delight customers while creating memorable experiences for your Brand.

#1: Our Call Center Agents Make Customer Service Our Top Priority 

Our Brand Specialists have found that one of the most effective ways to help customers is put themselves in the customer’s shoes and let the customer know they are on the same team. Start by active listening to the customer – asking them to share their story and their needs. Then we follow up by taking action to resolve their issue. For example, a customer wants to return a product outside of the return policy window. Instead of saying, “Sorry, it’s too late to return the product,” try saying, “It looks like this purchase is outside of the return window, but let me see what I can do for you” – which demonstrates understanding of the issue and willingness to help.

#2: Our Call Center Agents Avoid Negative Language 

Any inbound calls should be consistently positive from beginning to end. Instead of saying “that’s unfortunate”, “I’m sorry you feel that way” or “there’s nothing we can do…” try to turn each response into something optimistic. Our Brand Specialists prefer to use phrases such as “we can fix this”, “I’ve got your back”, “let’s get this taken care of” and “let’s see what solution I can find for this”.

#3: Our Call Center Agents Follow Up with Customers 

Following up with customers is a time investment, but it is a golden route to earning a customer’s loyalty. The importance of Brand loyalty is higher than ever in today’s competitive landscape. Consumers have an overwhelming number of options, and buying decisions are no longer just about price or product quality. When appropriate, following up with customers after a purchase or a resolved issue shows a legitimate concern that customers tend to appreciate and value, and that high level of care will keep customers coming back.

#4: Our Call Center Agents Reach Out for Feedback

To capture the voice of the customer, organizations often survey customers and ask for their feedback. As a complement to this process, Brand Specialists are actively reaching out to customers who take their time to provide this valuable feedback in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the Brand. Customers feel validated when they are heard. In return, Brands not only learn how they can improve, but also have the opportunity to boost team morale by sharing positive reviews.

#5: Our Call Center Agents Set Personal Goals

Setting up goals is a great way to get through a busy work day and feel accomplished. Achieving personal goals is especially motivating. Different teams can set different goals based on the needs of the program. Some prefer performance oriented goals that can improve the performance of the team and make Brand Specialists feel productive, for example setting a number of sales to be closed within the hour. Even small achievements add a lot of value to our routines and work ethic.

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