The Benefits to Homeshoring

Over the last several years, homeshoring has been a growing trend in the customer service industry. To homeshore is to transition brand specialists into a work from home environment, rather than a shared office or building situation. Global Response makes it a priority to stay ahead of the competition, and several years ago, we noticed an increasing trend in offering work from home solutions. In fact, it is the most significant strategic trend experienced in the contact center industry today. 

There are two variations of homeshoring.  One model is where agents are direct employees of an organization and the other is a model where agents are independent business owners that are contracted to support another company. Global Response offers the first option to our clients, as well as an offshore option so clients can find the type of service they need.

Upon introducing this homeshore option for our brand specialists and clients, we very quickly realized that this onshore model was hugely beneficial for both the brand specialists, and the clients they work with as well. Because of this, we began taking steps to implement this homeshore model with each of our clients, and the brand specialists that support them.

There are a variety of benefits when it comes to homeshoring and work from home options. Some of the major benefits that clients and brand specialists experience are:

  1. Larger Talent Pool – By removing the geographic restrictions that come with an in-house operation, the homeshore model allows access to larger, more capable, and a more experienced pool of talent. This also allows for the opportunity to find specialists with specialised skill sets, like specific language skills or technical expertise. 
  2. Cost Effective – Homeshoring is a very cost effective way to help customers. A reduction in overhead costs can, over time, contribute substantial savings. Both the cost structure of the homeshore options and eliminating the need for in-house employees help to lower costs for clients.
  3. Ongoing Training – At Global Response, each of our brand specialists complete ongoing training to ensure accuracy, and learn of any updates and changes in any of their daily processes. This helps to provide a more consistent learning experience, which produces a more consistent and cohesive customer experience.
  4. Flexibility – Homeshoring offers everyone involved the benefit of flexibility. Since specialists work from home with this onshore model, they are able to work part time, and can make sure to schedule their work when they will be most productive. This also helps to adapt to the every-changing customer demand. We have found that this model is very effective in motivating our brand specialists.
  5. Adaptability – With homeshore, brand specialists are not tied to a specific location allowing Global Response to run on a cloud-based system. This means that our clients do not suffer any downtime, or experience any lapse in service. Our adaptability was especially helpful over the last year, as we had to transition many of our specialists to this onshore, work from home environment due to the pandemic. Our clients were not negatively impacted in any way during this time.

The homeshore model is a great option for any company that does not have in-house employees with expertise in technology integration, remote customer management, and virtual training. In offering homeshore, also known as onshore, options for our clients, we are able to deliver a highly consistent and streamlined experience for customers. With the ongoing training and processes, clients and their customers are in good hands. 

Global Response is committed to staying ahead of the curve, and offering clients the best customer care solutions as well as peace of mind. To learn more about the homeshoring options Global Response provides, please visit Work from Home Solutions.