The Customer Care Roundup for September 9, 2019

Contact center industry news in the past month has included articles that have examined the relationship of customer service to customer experience, as well as attitudes on how artificial intelligence will be used in companies throughout the world. Following are highlights from those articles.

The peanut butter of customer experience

Customer service is to customer experience as peanut butter is to a pb&j sandwich, according to Erica Mancuso’s recent ICMI article.  While customer service represents only one ingredient in the whole experience sandwich, better service can contribute to an improved customer experience.

Some ways to drive improvements through customer service, she writes, include:

  • Set agents (Brand Specialists at Global Response) up for success: Ensure the right people, processes, tools and metrics are in place.
  • Be proactive: Identify issues and takes steps to resolve them “before a customer even notices.”
  • Listen and share: Empower Brand Specialists to listen to the customer and share the insights they glean.
  • Build bridges: Strong relationships between customer service and other departments help Brand Specialists understand how company initiatives might impact customers.
  • Show the value: The value of customer service can be justified in many ways, including customer retention and revenue opportunities.

AI and its ethical use

Nearly two-thirds of companies in a Genesis survey expect they will be using AI or advanced automation by 2022 in some capacity, while 25% said they’re using it now, according to a recent article in callcentre helper. About 54% of the companies surveyed weren’t troubled that AI could be used unethically. A full 83% of employees said they were not concerned.

The study polled 1,103 employers and 4,207 employees from six countries: the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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