The Most Important Duties of an Effective Inbound Call Center

When a business reaches the point where they can no longer handle the volume of customer service inquiries alone, they begin to look for a call center partner. At Global Response, we know that this is an important decision for any company, and we take great pride when a company chooses us as a brand partner.

There are so many benefits that an inbound call center can add to a business, and each call center offers a combination of services slightly different than the next. While each is important, here are ten of the most important duties of an effective inbound call center.

  1. Possess strong knowledge of a company’s products or services
    It is almost impossible to help resolve a customer inquiry without first understanding what the company you are partnering with does and how they work. There should be a focus on intensive upfront training in the beginning and ongoing training to make sure everyone is knowledgeable and can help callers to the best of their abilities.

  2. Properly schedule all employees
    If an inbound call center is understaffed, customers will be waiting longer than necessary to resolve their issues. On the other hand, if the inbound call center is overstaffed, there won’t be enough work to keep everyone busy. Care needs to be taken to ensure that scheduling and staffing are done in order to keep productivity at the highest level.

  3. Become an extension of the company they partner with
    Customers who call in are not concerned whether the person they speak with is an actual employee of the company or hired to handle customer service requests. The only thing they are looking for is a solution to their problem. Thus, one of the most important duties of an effective inbound call center is to immerse themselves in the culture of the company they are working with to be able to deliver the best customer service experience possible.

  4. Work to maintain a high first call resolution rate
    If someone has to contact a company multiple times to resolve their issue, that does not provide them with a positive customer service experience. Inbound call centers need to focus on problem-solving and work to achieve this on the first point of contact. This is a huge determining factor in the effectiveness of a call center.

  5. Always use clear and effective communication
    There needs to be a balance between being a knowledgeable source of information and being approachable. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate a company’s policies, services, and solutions to a customer’s issue is the basis for the entire call experience.

  6. Properly assign team members to brand partners
    One of the ways to be most effective at resolving customer issues and delivering a positive customer service experience is to ensure that call center Brand Specialists are assigned to work with companies that best highlight their skills. There are many factors to consider in this process, and when careful consideration is taken, the best results can be achieved.

  7. Have strong organizational skills and attention to detail
    This is one of the most important duties of an effective inbound call center that cannot be overlooked. There needs to be a clear path to follow so that Brand Specialists handling customer inquiries have all the necessary information, can quickly and easily access anything they may need, and are able to stay calm under pressure.

  8. Focus on low wait times for customers
    This goes back a little to scheduling and has a lot to do with the process the inbound call center follows. If a call center is understaffed, of course, its customers will experience longer wait times. However, if a customer needs to be transferred several times throughout the call center before a solution is reached, that does not make for a positive customer service experience.

  9. Offer omnichannel services
    It’s not enough to only assist companies through calls. People reach out to companies through various channels, including phone, email, online chat, and even through social media. In order to stay ahead of the competition, inbound call centers must be able to offer solutions for every communication channel a company uses.

  10. Express empathy, patience, and a positive attitude
    The reality is that call centers spend most of their time interacting with customers that might not be so happy. Thus, there needs to be a focus on building a connection with the customers that contact the call center. You need to connect with them and build trust and understanding to feel they are well taken care of.


At Global Response, we are aware of the importance of delivering the best customer service experiences possible. That is why we are always mindful of the most important duties of an effective inbound call center. We pay close attention to all aspects of the process, how they all work together, and how we can best use our skills and knowledge to improve continually.

Our Brand Specialists are specially trained to deliver experiences that strengthen relationships and build customer loyalty. When partnering with a call center, it’s important to make sure all of these criteria are not only being met but are exceeded by the call center. That is the focus at Global Response every day, and we’re proud to deliver the highest quality customer service experiences possible.

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