The Pathway to Successful Customer Call Service Outsourcing

As a company grows, so does the need for additional customer service. When faced with the task of added customer care, there are two routes a company can take. One is to hire additional employees to take on this work. The other is to look into customer service outsourcing. There are many benefits that can come from partnering with a company to handle customer care, but there are also many things to consider along the way to ensure that you are able to provide the best service possible to your clients.


It may be time to consider customer service outsourcing when business volume grows, especially at a rapid rate, and a company is in need of additional help. There are several steps in preparing for the transition that can create the pathway to successful customer call service outsourcing.


  1. Define the need – The first step is to realize and understand the need for additional help regarding customer service.
  2. Channels you want to focus on – Consider how clients interact with your company and which communication channels are most important.
  3. Where you need help – Different companies require different call center outsourcing services.  Some may decide to focus only on incoming calls, while others choose to focus on outgoing communication as well. It is important to determine which services you want to place an emphasis on.


The next step in successful customer service outsourcing is research. It is important to remember that price alone should not be the deciding factor in this decision. The entire experience as a whole, from the perspective of the client and the company, must be taken into account. Inquire about the type of training the call center provides the processes that are followed and the company’s culture. These are all indicators that the practices followed at a particular call center are in line with your company’s practices.


It is also important to consider the reporting measures taken by a call center. This shared information is essential in measuring the success of customer care. What are the tracking and monitoring practices in place (KPI)? Are there solutions available based on call volume? Are customer experiences able to be customized? By answering these questions ahead of time, companies will be in a better position and set up for success.


Another key consideration point in setting up successful customer service outsourcing is the decision to partner with a domestic call center. Oftentimes, companies do not realize the key benefits of working with a domestic partner compared to one overseas. Some of the key benefits are:


  1. There are no language or cultural barriers – A domestic call center offers a deeper understanding of customer issues due to cultural understanding.
  2. They maintain US compliance – A domestic call center is capable of ensuring that your company’s practices are compliant with US laws and regulations. 
  3. More open communication with clients – Clients have the ability to be present on-site and build a face-to-face relationship with their domestic call center partner.
  4. It improves the local economy – By choosing to keep your partnership local, you are creating more jobs here instead of outsourcing to another country. 


Having a dedicated customer service team is hugely beneficial for any company. It is possible for a company to successfully hand over the important job of customer care to a call center. Following the steps outlined here, and considering the mentioned key factors, will ensure a pathway to successful customer call service outsourcing. When it comes to domestic call centers, like Global Response, companies can easily ensure clear customer communication and overall positive experience. 


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