16 Ways an Outsourced Call Center Strengthens Your Brand

Why are more companies across industries outsourcing the critical function of the contact center? In today’s market, where acquiring and retaining customers often comes down to the service that contact centers provide, companies are finding call center outsourcing is the best option. But how does a customer care call center strengthen your brand?

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Service Needs?

1. Make a Positive Impression on Customers

A skilled Brand Specialist at Global Response isn’t just a “placeholder” when your company can’t handle the call volume. The expectations for a Brand Specialist are the same or even higher than they would be for your own employee.

Our passionate team members specialize in your brand to deliver a seamless branded experience. They consider every call or contact an opportunity to make a great impression. This is our company culture and our commitment to our partners.

2. Higher Call Volumes Are Easily Managed

An outsourced call center partner hires and trains dedicated, skilled Brand Specialists to manage your contact volume. Global Response achieves low attrition rates through our employee experience and company culture. Applying rigorous hiring and training practices, Global Response builds a talented team that is able to grow with you as your contact volume increases. 

3. Enhance Scalability/Flexibility

Does your volume fluctuate seasonally? An outsourced customer service call center specializes in flexibility and scalability. It has systems in place to scale up or down to manage volume and the tools to anticipate future volume.

Global Response has decades of experience when it comes to scaling programs as business demands require. We have four domestic locations and, during Q4, we leverage pop-up offices for additional space.

4. Work with Someone Who Specializes in Your Brand

Global Response is often asked “How will another company ever be able to “get” our brand the way we do?”

Here’s how we approach it. Our clients are welcome in our campuses to provide brand training in-person (using the train-the-trainer model). Our Brand Specialists often visit client’s offices and/or stores to become immersed in the culture and processes of the brand.

Brand Specialists’ seating area is branded. And, in the case of products, the product they’re representing is available to them. They can feel it, see it and touch it to better understand your customers’ experiences. It’s not uncommon to hear our Brand Specialists say tell customers, “I use that product, and I love it!”

They are in contact with the brand they represent. In addition to calibrations and frequent meetings between the client and Global Response Brand Manager, we host periodic product and policy training sessions at the beginning of each season or when new lines of products are launched.

6. Retain Customers

Customer service outsourcing allows you to expand your capabilities by either making us an extension of your in-house team, or your exclusive call center. Regardless of what your call volume is, we keep you optimally staffed based on your call center metrics and when your customers need you. Additionally, Global Response offers customer retention programs customized to your brand and goals.

7. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Be accessible when and where your customers need you. Simply being available can go a long way toward improving customer satisfaction scores and delivering the kind of experience that keeps customers choosing you. An outsourced partner can fully integrate with your systems to deliver high-touch service and drive customer satisfaction.

8. Increase average order value (AOV)

Customer service isn’t abstract. You can tie it directly back to your bottom line. Our Brand Specialists are experts in building relationships with customers as well as processing orders. Where applicable, we implement cross-selling and upselling techniques to increase AOV. Through immersive product and soft skills training, we transform into your customers’ personal shoppers. Our Brand Specialists have insight into your customers’ buying habits and can use this information along with their current order to recommend additional products.

Do you see the customer service department as an expense? It shouldn’t be when representatives understand how to increase the value of every customer interaction. Global Response turns the customer service function from a cost center into a profit center.

9. Access to Advanced Technologies

It’s difficult for any company to try to keep up with technology, but it’s easy to fall behind without it.

Global Response has integrated with over 100 different applications across the customer service landscape. We have built relationships with these technology partners and can manage an almost infinite number of technology combinations to best fit our clients’ needs.

Global Response is a buyer/integrator of technology. In order to manage cost and provide flexibility to our customers, we accept the responsibility to know industry leaders. If we are unable to identify one up to our standards, we will invest in the creation of a customizable and tailored solution.

10. Integrating State-of-the-Art Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

Global Response employs a number of technology functions to enhance the customer experience. Let’s look at two of them.

  • Precision routing, which sends the contact to the best available resource.
  • Customer profile routing, where the system delivers context – call event and customer profile data – as a contact arrives, allowing the specialist or application to personalize service and help maximize efficiency.

11. Customer Service Expertise

You’re great at what you do. When you work with a company that specializes in inbound call center outsourcing, that’s what they do. Global Response continues to prove its expertise through its clients. Our 45-year history and experience across industries offers clients a level of customer service expertise they may not be able to achieve on their own.

12. Enhancing Data Collection to Improve Experience

Depending on your industry and goals, you may require real-time customer relationship management tools that collect customer data and make it available to representatives. Global Response has these advanced data collection tools and the experience to make the most of them.

13. Compliance with Federal/State/Local Regulation

Because outsourced call centers are experts, we work with you to keep track of and adapt to changing regulations, train Brand Specialists and keep you compliant.

14. Built-In Data-Security

Keeping data safe requires technology and protocols, of course. But ultimately, it’s the people who do the most to keep customer data safe.

Global Response takes information security seriously. We have invested in people, processes and systems as we have achieved PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC2 Type 2 certifications, Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Our brand and industry-specialized representatives are informed, trained and prepared to keep data safe.

15. Quality Control

All calls are recorded. Using Calabrio for Quality Assurance (QA) provides the business with a comprehensive recording and scoring mechanism that supports key operational elements.

Global Response recommends weekly calibration sessions, where Brand Managers and clients have the chance to listen to and score calls together.

16. Delivering a True Omnichannel Experience

A full 71% of customers say they want the same brand experience regardless of whether they call, text, chat, social media message or email. But it’s not easy for a company that doesn’t specialize in customer service to deliver this kind of cohesive experience. Increasingly, companies are turning to call center outsourcing.

Global Response already has the tools and people in place to integrate omnichannel into your existing customer service capabilities and deliver a true omnichannel experience.

Isn’t it time to step up your customer service game and deliver the best customer experience? Global Response can help. Let’s talk about your business needs.

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