What Clients Want from Customer Support: 2021 Edition

When it comes to outsourcing customer support, clients have certain requirements and expectations. Beyond providing a positive experience for customers, a large number of factors contribute to the customer experience which need to be considered. With the ever-changing business environment, and the unexpected events of the last two years, clients are becoming more definitive in what they want from customer support.

It is true that outsourcing your customer support is not a decision that should be taken lightly. While there are a large number of benefits to doing so, companies need to carefully consider their options to ensure they are partnering with the right call center and customer service solution. Ideally, companies should aim to partner with a company that has extensive experience within the customer support industry.

There are a number of things that clients are looking for from a call center customer support solution. Global Response makes sure to focus our energy on these key factors. In our research, we have found three major things that have become increasingly important and that clients want from customer support in 2021.

  1. Multichannel Support Options

Clients know that customers want to have a variety of options for contacting a company when they are in need. Multiple touchpoints add significant value to customer experience. More importantly, customers want to get in touch with a company using their preferred method of communication. By offering services like online chat, self-service website options, and social media monitoring, as well as phone and email support, customers have the option to use the communication channel they prefer. This makes it extremely convenient for customers to easily get the information they want and have a positive experience.

  1. A Personalized Experience

This is something that is becoming increasingly more important, especially in recent years, and clients aim to offer this to customers. Research has shown that having a personalized customer service experience is more important to customers than personalized marketing options. With the use of CRM technology and reporting, Global Response is able to document interactions and track information, which all help to foster a customer relationship and tailor the experience to their needs. In taking actions like these, companies have the ability to increase brand image, as well as revenue. 

  1. Quicker Resolution Times

Outside of offering multiple communication channels for customers, the convenience of being able to reach a company at any time of the day is a huge factor when it comes to customer satisfaction. Especially now, customers do not want to have to wait for a response, or to make contact during business hours for their inquiries to be addressed. At Global Response, our processes offer solutions that provide quicker response times, and increase the first call resolution rate — something that is very important to clients. 

*Pro Tip – Make sure that your support center is easy to find. Whatever options are available to customers should be noticeable and accessible from any page of your website.

While the world of customer service is constantly changing, it is essential to listen to what clients want from customer support to make sure that you are able to provide them with the best experience possible. Global Response works with each of our clients to guide them through their decision and help set them up for success. We understand what clients want from customer support, and, with our decades of experience, we are able to provide that for them.