3 Strengths of a Domestic Outsourcing Partnership

You ran the analysis, conducted the research and made the decision to work with an outsourced contact center partner. Next is the second most important decision of your contact center journey: choosing whether to explore a domestic or offshore location. Although each has advantages, working domestically has a distinct set of strengths worth understanding. Following are the top 3 reasons to keep your contact center within the continental United States:

1. Proximity

Building a working relationship with an outsourced contact center partner takes collaboration and several onsite meetings. Truth be told, there are just certain things that need to happen face-to-face. Developing thorough implementation plans, inspiring job descriptions and impactful training exercises require direct interaction between a brand and their partner. Consider your involvement in activities like quality assurance, on-going training and celebrating success to estimate the required frequency of your site visits. Choosing an on-shore partner will allow for easier and less expensive travel, increasing the ability to monitor your business through onsite representation.

2. Labor

Let’s face it: every brand wants the best agent available on the other end of that phone or computer screen when a customer needs assistance. Offering a competitive wage, comprehensive benefits package and an engaging work environment are instrumental in acquiring and retaining talent. You need human resource teams, legal resources and staffing strategies. Working domestically eliminates additional concerns associated with international regulations, regional background checks and cultural nuances. Domestic outsourcing partners offer access to the most skilled labor pools in the world, ensuring linguistic fluency and the quickest adoption of company culture.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Often, brands outsource their customer service functions for the sole purpose of guaranteeing execution of their carefully designed customer experience. Satisfaction metrics report performance and hold partners accountable to the service level agreement. Since the emergence of off-shore opportunities, studies by the University of Michigan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and MIT have all quoted decreased customer satisfaction. The research cites perceived service quality, fluency and cultural knowledge as issues. Domestic options allow for more interaction between brand and outsourced partner, which results in increased brand passion, supervision, and ultimately an improved customer experience.

Brands often take on the challenging process of selecting an outsourced contact center partner with the goal of protecting and building customer relationships.

Complimenting that decision with locating your outsourced team domestically provides the easiest roadmap to the desired customer experience. Closer proximity to the partner and direct access to talented labor pools without the complexity of navigating international regulations will set you up on an accelerated path to success.

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